A smart analysis of western propaganda pictures

“I have found a very good analysis of propaganda pictures showing a kid who, according to western media, has killed Gaddafi.”

“I am sure that the story, pictures and claimed capture of Gaddafi was prepared by a group of first-class specialists. Now, Gaddafi called the rebels ‘rats’ and he was allegedly captured in a sewer (where rats normally live). This fact is constantly emphasized by all kinds of media. Furthermore he was supposedly sitting in this sewer with his golden gun, which was taken away from him by the brisk teenager. As You can see this teenager has not stained himself at all, neither in the sewer nor during the war. He is dressed neatly with an impeccable hairdo. Also the older man standing next to him on the second picture.

The second picture has to undoubtedly suggest cross-generation alliance on the way to the bright future, which is obviously awaiting the Libyans after installing the military bases of foreign countries and planned by NTC/foreign agents sharia law with our young democracy.

Clothes which the teenager wears are also not accidental: a shirt with a heart pierced by an arrow, arising sympathy; a young hurt romantic, who finally have managed to fulfill his dream and got the “oppressor”. On his head, a hat with NY Yankees baseball club symbol, which firstly foreshadows the Libyan-Yankee alliance, and secondly – in my opinion – refers to the revolution from almost exactly 94 years ago, planned and financed from the New York and led by first-class specialists from the NY district of Lower East Side.

Source: Ozyism (reblogged and translated from http://korwin-mikke.pl/forum/read.php?50,35309,page=2 )

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