Palestine: israel Breaks Truce, Netanyahu Assures: No Ceasefire

One Palestinian was killed and another was wounded on Sunday in an Israeli raid on Gaza. This came just hours after the Islamic Jihad announced its acceptance to a truce that was brokered by Egypt.

The strike hit Rafah in South Gaza killing one and wounding another, medical sources AFP quoted medical sources as saying, which raised the number of Palestinian martyrs to 10 since Israel’s initial air strike on Saturday.

The Zionist army did not comment on the attack nor did it clarify the reason behind breaking the truce that the Islamic Jihad said it committed itself to as long as the occupation did.

The Israeliforces ignited violence between Israel and the Gaza strip Saturday after striking Rafah and killing nine Palestinians.

Egypt succeeded to broker truce between the two sides, but the Islamic Jihad vowed to respond if the Israeli enemy waged any attack on Gaza.

One Israeli man was killed Saturday in a rocket fired at Ashdod by the Islamic Jihad, in response to the Israeli air strikes on Gaza.

For his part, Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dismissed the truce as meaningless, saying: “There is no ceasefire… I promise that the other side will pay even higher prices than what it has paid till now until it stops shooting.”

Addressing the Israeli weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday, Netanyahu told ministers that “we will prevent any attempt to shoot at Israel, and will strike at anybody who nevertheless succeeds.”

Source: Al Manar

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