Dr. Moussa Ibrahim: Document Of Honour Will Be Declared By The United Leaders Of All Tribes Soon

Seven Days News reporter contacted with Dr. Moussa Ibrahim
A document of honour will soon be in the hands of Libyan tribes, and the document is a statement about the position and the reign of the tribes that joined them, even the elders.
Tribes of Bani Walid, Sirte and the Touareg will be the first to sign this document, declaring firmly that those who do not enter the tribes for whatever reason there will be no future in Libya,no freedom and honour for them.
Dr. Moussa called all honest Libyans to circulate news about this document, soon each tribe will be called to its historic responsibility, the voice of Mighty Libya will be the resistance, even if it means years of fighting and targeting of western agents as individuals, groups, tribes, and anyone who is letting down or stopping the resistance against its will,is going to pay the price significantly.
He added:
Rafla agrees with the document, and Alqmazfah are with the document, the document is with the Tuareg, and other tribes which were related with us in secret and have promised they will announce their position explicitly very soon, it is going to be a surprise.
He concluded by saying:
Tribal elders Sabesmon imprinted blood on the paper, blood not ink, this will be the document in the custody of the Libyan history for the generations to read from it, to know that parents and grandparents did not betray Libya, to know that they chose to end the occupation.
The tribes which are overdue on this honour will be doomed
Source: Libya SOS

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