Syria – Thousands of Prayers at Umayyad Mosque Go out on Rally in Rejection of AL Decision and Foreign Interference


After performing the Friday Prayers at the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus, thousands of prayers went out on a rally titled ‘The Mosques Are Ours’ to express rejection of the Arab League (AL) decision to suspend Syria’s membership and their support to Syria’s national independent and sovereign decision.

Tens of cars also set off from al-Hassan Mosque in al-Midan neighborhood on a rally in rejection of foreign interference in the Syrian internal affairs and support to the reform program going on in the country.

Mass crowd of citizens gathered in Saba’ Bahrat Square chanting slogans against the AL decision on Syria and foreign interference, expressing support to their country’s national independent decision.

In the coastal city of Lattakia, thousands of citizens voluntarily gathered near Haroun roundabout condemning the AL decision against Syria.

Source: Sana

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