Saif Al Islam Gaddafi Arrested ?

Russia Today tweet announcing Saif Al Islam arrest

Dear readers,

This is the news that came out a few minutes ago from Russia Today. NTC apparently arrested Saif Al Islam in southern Libya.

First of all, I don’t think “arrested” in the right term to be used. We arrest outlaws, criminals. Not heroes who are defending their country and their people. If in any case NTC has Saif Al Islam, it means they abducted him. And most probably, very violently.

Secondly, we all know very well the hundreds of times the NTC lied to mainstream media. This time they said they’ll be coming with a video within hours. Ok then let’s wait and see. But remember when they said they captured Khamis Gaddafi ? Remember when they said they killed Khamis Gaddafi ?

Thirdly, western powers can’t take the risk to have Saif Al Islam going to the ICC and expose secret documents and explain all he knows, in front of world cameras. And trust me, he knows a lot! Rumors say that he already sent secret documents to the ICC prosecutor. ICC didn’t discuss this matter at all. Hence, even if true, they’ll always be able to say they never received anything and destroy the documents. Though, if the NTC has Saif Al Islam under its custody, they’ll soon receive a direct order from their white masters, ordering to kill him.

We’ll be keeping you posted on this matter as soon as more information is available.

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