A message to the Libyan Resistance – (Preventing surveillance & geo tagging of the fighters)

[Editor’s note: This message was written and sent to us by IronSides XX via facebook]

How Saif was captured, I wish there was enough information for any surviving Jamahiyria-forces to learn from. One thing which is important for Green-Resistance fighters, is to never keep batteries in their phones or 2-way radios. This prevents reverse-polarity signals from being detected.

When phones or 2-way radios have batteries installed, they can be turned-on to be activate the microphone.–Everything is then monitored and recorded, and definitely communicates your exact location. I hope they already understand this information, because the only time they should install batteries, is for a brief 30-second communication. After that, they should immediately remove batteries from any phones and 2-way radios, and leave their area.

Please spread this to everyone who supports the resistance.

2 comments on “A message to the Libyan Resistance – (Preventing surveillance & geo tagging of the fighters)

  1. I agree! In one of his last speeches, Muammar Ghadafi said: “Use your own communication systems, don’t rely on the enemy. Make your own communications. Take back your resources to your hands, do not be afraid of power – possess it. ”
    I believe he was giving instructions….find a way around the cel phones…..

  2. I suspect this is bad advice. By removing your batteries you disconnect your phone from the network; by replacing them you restore the connection. I suspect such interruptions can be easily detected and cause your phone to stand out amidst the clutter of cellphone traffic (They need to know your number before they can muck with it). This is just speculation on my part; I really don’t know how it works. I trust you had Ironsides XX’s advice verified before you sent it out and didn’t just pass on what may be a classic example of PsyOps.

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