Libya: Saif Gaddafi warns captors about Islamist leaders in new video


With his fingers bandaged after being damaged in Nato air strike outside Bani Walid, Saif even manages a smile after his headdress is carefully removed by one soldier.

They soon learn that although humbled, Gaddafi’s son has not changed his views on the threat posed to Libya by radical Islamists such as Abdulhakim Bilhadj, leader of the Tripoli military council.

Belhadj is believed to have links with the Taliban and al-Qaeda after fighting in Afghanistan with the Mujahiddeen after the Soviet invasion in 1979.

He was later arrested and allegedly tortured by the US Central Intelligence Agency in 2004 before being returned to Libya where he was jailed in Tripoli’s notorious Abu Salim prison before his release in 2010.

Saif warned: “Just give them a couple of months or max one year and you will find out the reality but please don’t deny that on the day Saif al Islam was taken prisoner he warned you of all that.”

Source: The Telegraph

One comment on “Libya: Saif Gaddafi warns captors about Islamist leaders in new video

  1. 1st: who is livnig stone ?2nd: Who pays for livnig stone s and Monitor groups engagement ?3rd: where are the proofs for the allegations made above ?3rd: Is the article presented above all we can expect from independent journalism ?4th: the penalty for siding with a mass murderer? Depends on your funds, of course. What else, in your opinion ??Conclusion: Ignore Huff Post .until they decide to do serious journalism, of course.

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