Bernard Henri Levy: The “philosopher” who helped NATO destroying Libya and transported weapons for the rebels

By MKERone (co founder of CounterPsyOps)

In an article published in the french magazine Paris Match (17th to 23rd November 2011 issue), controlled by French largest press company: The Lagardère Group (Mr. Lagardère is a very close friend of Nicolas Sarkozy) we can read/learn incredible facts about infamous Bernard Henri Levy involvment in the illegal and unjustified war on Libya ( Read more about him here, here, here and here).

First off, the magazine explains that BHL (Bernad Henri Levy) has been promoting the “responsability to protect” – in other words: the right for western countries to bomb indiscriminately sovereign nations considered as “non aligned” or too independent – for over 30 years. And claims that the fall of Muammar Gaddafi is the brilliant achievement of this “fight”. This simple sentence shows how desperately French Press is trying to make direct intervention of world’s most powerful and criminal army, NATO, appear as something morally right and necessary to keep world peace and save innocent civilians.

Further in the article, and as above picture shows, the magazine goes on saying that BHL provided NATO with bombing coordinates to kill Libyan Green resistance fighters. We can also learn that BHL transported weapons (in total violation of UN resolutions that imposed an “arm embargo” on Libya). Needless to ask who he gave those weapon to, nor on behalf of whom he did so…

This is beyond imagination. This man is clearly admitting that he ACTIVELY participated in an illegal regime change that Libyans didn’t want, the slaughter of innocent civilians and the destruction of the wealthiest African country, and no legal action whatsoever is taken against him. He keeps being invited in TV shows, gets mainstream media support for promoting his books, all TV channels call on him to have his views on geopolitics… I almost can’t believe that this is happening. How come French people don’t realize what’s unfolding right before their eyes. Are they that blind, ignorant, or are they just careless? None of these answers would satisfy me anyway. People really need to wake up!!!

Anyone stealing food to survive and feed his/her kids can go to jail, but this man participating in massive killings is free like a bird…  He should be immediately arrested and tried for being an active accomplice of crimes against humanity and Genocide! What kind of world are we living in?

Do not hesitate to contact with BHL to let him know what you think about him and his “accomplishments”:

Twitter: @BernardHL // Facebook: Bernard-Henri Lévy

5 comments on “Bernard Henri Levy: The “philosopher” who helped NATO destroying Libya and transported weapons for the rebels

  1. this guy is a fucken criminal … disgusting….

    Does anybody else see the 3rd ww coming soon ? Doesnt anybody want to try this bastard ? Why is everything that is supposed to be right , damn so sourly WRONG . Why ? WHy ? Why ?

  2. I am disgusted everytime I see his face. This sleazy crawing living being is the scum of the earth. He’s the emissary of death. A fu….g disgusting bastard. I wish all the worst for this sleazy bastard

  3. Where is now that infamous stooge Moreno Ocampo and his ICC mockery? He hounds national heroes like Saif Al Islam or Ratko Mladić, instead of prosecuting real war criminals like this BHL SoB.

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