President al-Assad to ABC News: There Are Many Attempts to Distort Facts about What is Happening in Syria

By H. Sabbagh

President Bashar al-Assad said that there are many attempts to distort facts about what is happening in Syria and false accusations, stressing the need to verify the authenticity of the images and reports broadcast about Syria.

In an interview with the US channel ABC News, President al-Assad was asked a question about the report of the UN committee on events in Syria and whether or not the UN sent the documents or evidence on which the report was based to Damascus, saying that the Syrian government received no documents or evidence pertaining to what the report described as “crimes against humanity” committed in Syria.

He called on the UN to send these documents to verify them, noting that most of the people killed in the events in Syria are supporters of the government, not the other way around.

In response to a question on whether he believed that his forces used exaggerated force against protestors, President al-Assad said “The forces in Syria aren’t “my” forces; they are military forces that belong to the homeland and nobody owns them,” stressing that no orders were issued by anyone in Syria to kill or exercise brutality.

Regarding external pressure and the west’s statements regarding what is happening in Syria, President al-Assad said that the most important thing for him is how the Syrian people view him, stressing that he is doing his best to protect the Syrian people, expressing pain over the loss of lives in the recent events.

 Source: Sana

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