#israelKills trending worldwide on twitter

Good day to all

please find below the trending map of #israelKills today, december the 13th 14:22 GMT+1

Most probably no mainstream media channel will report it. Some would then ask: “What’s the point of having it trending?” To that question I would answer that nowadays, mainstream media (which are under total control of the very same screwing the people worldwide) have lost people’s trust. We, the alternative medias, are taking over and more and more people rely on the news we provide. Alternative medias gained people’s trust by providing real and verifiable information and by exposing mainstream media continuous lies and manipulations. Hence, reblog this post, post the trends map on your blog, email it to your friends, and let people know that millions of people feel deeply concerned by israelli crimes.

Keep it trending

To follow the trends map in real time go to: http://trendsmap.com/topic/%23israelkills

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