Fugitive Syrian former vice-president, Khaddam, called on the British PM to take military action against Syria

A fugitive Syrian politician who is leading an opposition group in France has called on the British Prime Minister to take military action against Damascus government raising suspicions that London wants to repeat the Libyan scenario in Syria

Abdul-Halim Khaddam, former vice-president to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, who is viewed as an opportunist in Syria, formed the National Committee to Support the Syrian unrest in Paris back in November with as little as 65 members and is now urging British PM David Cameron to help him back into the Syrian politics.

The opposition organization Khaddam leads wrote in a letter to Cameron that Syria is the main “tool” in the hands of an Irano-Russian coalition, which he described as risky.

“The brave decision by the British government and the countries that are aware of the risks of such a coalition, whose main tool is currently the ruling government in Syria, need to use military power to topple that government,” al-Alam news website quoted the letter as reading.

Khaddam’s choice of Cameron to write to, raises suspicions that Britain is plotting to devise a scenario in Syria similar to Libya. While in Libya there were real groups fighting the dictatorship under Muammar Gaddafi (CounterPsyOps doesn’t agree with this opinion about Libya) Britain seems to be using Khaddam as part of a network of individuals and organizations working to pretend a popular uprising and a political front representing the will of the masses against Assad’s government is on the move in Syria.

The speculations gain force in the context of the propaganda campaign by Britain and its NATO allies to trigger civil war in Syria.

It appeared earlier this week that the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is working in close coordination with British Foreign Secretary William Hague and US-funded NGOs.

The ‘observatory’ has been an exclusive source of the ‘news’ from the alleged crackdown in Syria, despite being based in London and in spite of the fact that none of its reports can be independently verified.

This comes as Syrian armed rebels inside and outside the country who are suspected of receiving financial and arms support from a number of western and Arab governments have time and again called for foreign military intervention to oust Assad’s government.

Khaddam bluntly said back in November that his National Committee to Support the Syrian Revolution has a “clear message” that is “to bring the regime down.”

Khaddam tried to establish a government-in-exile back in 2007 but failed as even the opposition groups in Syria did not trust him.

The Syrian parliament announced him a traitor after he fled to Paris in 2005.

Source: Press TV

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