Syria’s Grand Mufti: Syria is the Cradle of religions

DAMASCUS, (Source: SANA) – Syria’s Grand Mufti Dr. Ahmad Badr el-Din Hassoun on Monday stressed the strength of the national unity among the Syrian people, adding that human life is more sacrificed than anything and that he who kills a human is accursed.

In a speech after a joint prayer for the souls of the Syrian martyrs at the Holy Cross Church in Damascus, Dr. Hassoun wondered why the Arab League didn’t react to Israel’s crimes in Palestine, warning that Israel will expel the Palestinian Muslims and Christians alike.

Hassoun stressed that there is no religion or religious approach that enable a person from shooting and killing a fellow human.

He added “I call those who carried weapons and came to Syria from abroad to surrender their weapons because Syria will be reborn again this year.”

Hassoun called upon the Arab League and the United Nations to change their stances and to avoid betting on the sects and the religions in Syria.

He concluded “We could have disagreements but let us move from debate to dialogue to formulate a new Syria.”

By M. Nassr/ H. Sabbagh

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