Iran, Venezuela slam Western threats

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (L) and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez at the Miraflores presidential palace, Caracas, January 9, 2012
Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez have censured the hegemonic powers’ persisting efforts to make war threats and impose sanctions against independent and developing nations of the world.

In a joint statement issued Monday in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas, the two presidents denounced all acts of terrorism in the world and called for collective efforts by the international community to counter the “sordid phenomenon.”

Referring to the ongoing freedom- and justice-seeking uprisings across the Middle East, Presidents Ahmadinejad and Chavez voiced support for the rightful demands of people in the region and denounced any foreign interference as the key element in aggravating regional crises.

The Iranian and Venezuelan presidents also expressed regret over the massacre of civilians and security forces in Syria, voiced support for the Syrian reform process and lashed out at global imperialism and the Israeli regime for their “blatant interference” in regional affairs. The statement denounced the flagrant violation of the Palestinians’ rights as a consequence of Tel Aviv’s criminal policies and called on the international organizations and regional countries to adopt a more effective role in promoting the rights of the people of Palestine.

President Ahmadinejad, for his part, praised the brave positions asserted by President Chavez and the Venezuelan nation in defending the right of the Islamic Republic to utilizing peaceful nuclear energy.

The Iranian chief executive also praised the establishment of the 33-nation Community of Latin American and Caribbean States in February 2010 and described the initiative as a great stride towards the promotion of regional unity, expressing Iran’s interest in the further expansion of ties with the bloc.

President Ahmadinejad arrived in Caracas on the first leg of his official tour of several Latin American countries. His visit to Venezuela will be followed with a formal tour of Nicaragua to attend the inauguration of its recently re-elected leader Daniel Ortega.

During his five-day official tour of Latin America, the Iranian president is due to visit Cuba and Ecuador and hold high-level talks with senior officials in both countries on the further expansion of bilateral ties.

Leaders in all the four Latin American countries have in recent years built up diplomatic and trade ties with Iran, while their relations with the United States have been greatly reduced amid popular demands for ending dependence on Washington.

Iran and Venezuela signed two memoranda of understanding (MoU) to expand cooperation in the fields of industry, science and nano-technology, as well as economy.

The US government warned Latin American states on Friday against the further expansion of diplomatic and business ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran, expressing concerns over “Iran’s outreach to the Western Hemisphere.”

Source: PressTV

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