Magnetic Car Bomb Kills Nuclear Scientist, US-Israel Blamed

A nuclear scientist who is also a Chemical Engineering professor at a university in Tehran was killed on Wednesday after a magnetic bomb attached to his car exploded near Ketabi square in northern Tehran in an attack blamed at US and Israel.

“This terrorist act was carried out by agents of the Zionist regime (Israel) and by those who claim to be combating terrorism (the United States) with the aim of stopping our scientists from serving Iran,” Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi told state television.

However, he said, the attack would not stop Iran forging ahead with its peaceful nuclear program. “They should know that Iranian scientists are more determined than ever in striding towards Iran’s progress.”

Two other people were injured in the explosion which came in the same vein as previous assassinations against Iranian nuclear scientists.

Safar Ali Bratloo, the deputy governor of Tehran province, was quoted by ILNA news agency as saying that: “This morning a motorbiker attached a bomb to a Peugeot 405, which exploded.”  “Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, a scientist and lecturer at the university, was killed and the two injured passengers were taken to hospital,” he indicated.

Fars news agency said that the professor was also a nuclear scientist. “Roshan had been working on a project to make polymeric membranes used to separate gas,” Fars quoted a colleague of his.

“Ahmadi Roshan, 32, was a graduate of Oil Industry University and supervised a department at Natanz uranium enrichment facility in Isfahan province,” it said.

Source: Al Manar

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