AL Observer Mission Teams Continue Tours of Syrian Governorates, Observer Team in Homs Denies Reports of Coming Under Fire

GOVERNORATES/CAIRO, (SANA) – The Arab League monitor mission teams continued their tours of Syrian governorates and areas.

A team of observers visited Bab Hood neighborhood and al-Mazraa village in Homs and the town of Tadmur in Homs countryside.

In Hama, a team visited the National Hospital and Masyaf countryside, while another team visited Salkhad area and al-Karia village in Sweida and met with families of maryurs.

An observer team also toured the city of Banyas in Tartous and al-Bukamal town in Deir Ezzor, with one other team visiting the Railways General Establishment in Aleppo where they were briefed by its Director George Mukabari on the damages caused to the Establishment’s facilities, vehicles and railways by terrorist attacks.

In Raqqa city, a team of observers witnessed a mass rally in one of the city’s squares in which citizens expressed their unity and devotion to Syria.

Arab Observers Team in Homs Denies Reports of Coming Under Fire

The Arab League observer mission team in Homs on Sunday denied media reports that they came under fire.

A statement by the Arab League said that the team in Homs couldn’t reach a place where a car exploded at Bab Hood, leading to the burning of a number of shops and cars without casualties among civilians, and that the monitors couldn’t reach the place because of the crowds there.

The statement added that the observers tried to reach the scene of explosion later, but they heard random and sporadic shootings, so they didn’t go to the location.

By Mazen / H. Sabbagh

Source: SANA

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