Mossad Agents Behind Iranian Scientist Assassination: Report

A report published Monday revealed that Israeli Mossad agents were behind the assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientist Mostapha Ahmadi Roshan.

Regarding the crime as a “classic assassination mission for Israel”, the Sunday Times, reported that “the assassination was similar to that seen in espionage films – planned over a  period of many months, and including extensive surveillance and intelligence gathering.”

The British paper quoted an Israeli source as saying that “there is zero tolerance for mistakes. By nature, every failure not only risks the neck of the agents but also risks turning into an international scandal.”

It further stated that “Roshan, 32, was monitored from a makeshift control room in a safe house nearby as he was preparing to leave for work.”

“… As Roshan’s bodyguard was driving him to Natanz uranium enrichment site, where he served as director, a masked person on a motorbike weaved through traffic, planting a  bomb on the car shaped to deliver its full force at the passenger,” the paper added.

Source: Al Manar

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