‘UK Press TV ban prelude to Iran war’

A political analyst says the British media regulator (Ofcom) shut down Press TV in the UK to prevent the broadcast of the truth about Iran and to set the stage for an attack on the country, Press TV reports.

The British Office of Communications (Ofcom) revoked Press TV’s license and removed the channel from the Sky platform on Friday for what it claimed to be the news network’s breach of the Communications Act. Ofcom had earlier hit Press TV with a fine of 100 thousand pounds.

“All that is coming to deny Iran the ability of expressing really what is happening in Iran and the motives behind imperialist forces [who] are preparing to attack a country [which] never for the last three hundred years attacked anyone except defending itself against aggressors,” Saeb Shaath told Press TV in an exclusive interview.

Ofcom had reportedly alleged that Press TV’s editorial team was based in Tehran, claiming that this is in breach of broadcasting license rules in the UK.

“Ofcom has decided to revoke the license held by Press TV Limited with immediate effect,” the media regulator said in a statement.

Shaath said Israel and the United States had been pushing to take Press TV off air “for years,” stressing that Ofcom’s decision had been influenced by the Zionist lobby.

“But to me, I see this is a real dark day for freedom of speech and a gross reminder of the Spanish Inquisition to silence the voice of Press TV, which gives a huge number of followers in the UK and EU an alternative point of view which underlies what is really going on in the world and that is what has scared them.”

Many observers believe that the British government’s hostile campaign against Press TV has its roots in the channel’s extensive and transparent coverage of the role the British government played in the killing of tens of thousands of innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan.

They have also noted this behavior is quite natural for a government with more than 400 years of colonialist background filled with breaches of people’s rights, murder, and plundering various nations’ assets.

“They (Ofcom) discovered [that] Press TV is really influential in changing the points of view in the West; and they did not create [a similar] Press TV, they could not influence Press TV,” Shaath concluded.

Source: PressTV

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