Seeds of Conflict: Sectarian split creeps into Syria

Here you have the perfect example of the total failure of the West ! Western evil minds thought that destroying Syria and obtaining a UN mandate as they did for Libya, would be an easy thing. But no, it isn’t. It is IMPOSSIBLE. Not only because China and Russia vetoed US resolution at the UN (despite EU and the Arab League backing it strongly), but also because Syrian people are strong and resilient.

So now the West, with its Al Qaeda fighters brought from Libya, local terrorists financed and armed by the Gulf Monarchies, the Western countries, Turkey and israHell, are trying to plunge the country into a sectarian war. That’s their last resort to achieve their evil plan.

But we all know, we, lovers of beautiful Syria, that this won’t happen. Syrian people are clever and know what the so called “international community” is trying to do. Plunge Syria into a civil war to justify a Nato “humanitarian” intervention thus way, granting a total access to Syrian ressources and market to US corporations.

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