NATO organizes a full-scale war in Syria – covertly under the table

By Christoph R. Hörstel – nsnbc


Terrible background information comes from reliable sources in Amman and Ankara/Istanbul.

40-43’000 mercenaries are ready in Jordan to attack Syria. (1) Turkey has openly set up a mercenary recruitment office in Amman’s Mekkah Street. Since last early summer they are active in finding personnel to do dirty jobs in neighbouring Syria. This would certainly not have been possible under King Abdallah’s father Hussein.

But the youthful son, lacking the father’s truly exceptional political skills, obviously and simply falls victim to the bankruptcy-driven impetus of US-led NATO and their corruption-led Arab allies.

Where ist the much-beleaguered Ummah, where the oft-belittled Arab solidarity?

Once more the awe-stricken spectator is drawn to watch muslims kill muslims on Washingtons behalf. Unless this lesson is not only learned but heeded by anybody directing her or his prayers to Mekkah, there is no happy future for the Middle East.

Tomorrow’s referendum day will be used for heavy strikes.The constitution reform project, ending the Baath single-party rule, is a historical project born prematurely and under heavy strain. Very often these children die, especially if the right treatment and care is not available to both mother and child. The US-led NATO plus aggressive Arab partners, all with certain credibility gaps in questions of democracy and legal appearances, will use the ensuing bloodshed to put the full blame on the Assad government. The latter is caught in the ancient quagmire to either let go and step down in favour of Washington’s ill-advised, misguided and unstable patchwork “opposition” or sacrifice their own people. The honest reform-oriented opposition finds itself in the worst place, caught in the middle.

The obstacles against the honest Syrian leader, Bashaar al-Assad, who did not only not strive to get this most difficult an unrewarding job, but actively pursued a very different medical career in his youth, are high: Syria has not enjoyed much media freedom, power participation of the masses was traditionally low. How is he to counter inner and outer enemies, helped by foreign interference plus hostile irregular forces pushing in, doubled up by sanctions, secret payments to traitors, covert killings, terrorism of all kinds. Father Hafeez ruled by listening closely, applying shrewd common sense and balancing the necessary evils. Another genius at work – but under somewhat easier circumstances, it seems.

Nowadays all experience is relative: The twin super power competition granting stability is long gone. Master plans for sure-fired ways to steer through multi-challenges, like muddy and churned-up waters in bad weather between a rock and a hard place – these are rare.

Tomorrow’s “referendum battle” will be used to push for “humanitarian corridors”, which in turn will be misused as influx roads of the mercenaries – and to literally cut Syria to pieces. Already the “Red Crescent” commandos have reached the battleground of Homs. The author remembers well, how he toured Soviet-occupied Afghanistan in Saudi-paid spy-team driven ambulances, rattling with weapons and ammunition for the Mujahideen – more than twenty years ago.

That makes it clear: NATO is not considering any challenge to Russian and Iranian naval forces in Tartus. US-led NATO and Arab allies bank on irregular forces for their regime change effort. Plus heavy employment of special commandos and spies.

The author learned through his network of relatives and friends, that German special forces were active in the bloody Iraq-Iran war of the eighties on the side of Iraq’s dictator Saddam. German army personnel in US uniforms served in the last two Iraq wars – and now German special forces do short-time jobs in Libya. All of this happens without any knowledge – let alone approval – by the parliament. The Libyan case is especially interesting: Germany abstained in the UN SC vote 1973 (allegedly for establishment of a no-fly zone over Libya, in truth to support the mercenary and NATO war against Gaddhafi) – and now joins in. In the Syrian case Germany always supported Washington’s position, we therefore may suppose, Germany puts its forces on the ground where its mouthpiece is: Pity is allowed with the sad fate of the German foreign minister Guido Westerwelle, who lost his position as coalition party head seven days after failing to cast his vote in the Security Council, the way Washington wanted it.

Germany in fact has a long tradition of secretly “doing jobs” alongside US special forces all over the globe, even as far as South America in the sixties. It is not to be assumed, that this tradition is severed in the Syria case. Rarely these issues come up in the media, but they do. Germanys spy ship “Alster” cruises off the Syrian coast line since November last year – to the active dismay of a Syrian war ship, which pointed some barrels of its heavy gun turrets right in the face of the surprised Germans early January this year. (2) The author learned from Syrian sources, that German participation in secret operations on the ground inside Syria was considered fact, including German foreign secret service BND activity around the suicide bomb attack on al-Midan place in downtown Damascus on January 6 this year.

Syrian forces have captured so many French personnel at last, that Paris had to ask their already withdrawn ambassador back to his old office to sort out the trouble, say Syrian sources close to the government. As well as for other western colleagues, another part of his difficult duty may be to close down the embassy premises and prepare for war, with or without symmetry. That is another historical joke: US military think tanks had it, that most of the warfare of the future is asymmetric: CoIn, “Counter Insurgency” warfare, is the challenge of our times. Well, the US and willing allies, well-experienced in holding down occupied countries, make use of their opponent’s expertise, often gathered under torture, to do a little destabilizing “Counter-CoIn” themselves. (3) Funny CoIncidence, that NATO now openly joins hands with “Al-Qaeda”: Forget about any heated debates on “conspiracy theories” around the 9/11 case. Ten years must be more than enough for the pathological forgetfulness of western societies.

An even under the present appearance, that even the US defense minister and ex-CIA chief Leon Panetta, alongside army chief Martin Dempsey deny any actual nuclear weapon program, thus helping to relax war fears for the gulf region: Syria, as the gateway into any Iran war scenario, remains under attack. By the way, chaos in Syria appears a sufficient war enabler against Iran. The inside calculation goes, that an orderly and well-governed Syria may remember the fate of the Golan Hights etc., no matter names or personalities in the new rulership.

In the case of Libya, Gaddhafi’s credibility was undermined by early and obviously well-orchestrated defections of ambassadors all over the world, especially in western countries. In the case of Syria, this does not happen. One reason may be, that they do not defect as easily. Another reason has not been much debated yet: Early open defections waste, among other considerations, a lot of potential data gains. Silent secret defections might be much more efficient in multiple ways.

Helpful steps out of the present Syrian deadlock may include:

humanitarian aid should only be applied by China and Russia, and only upon invitation by the Assad government

if Russia and China wish to come out of the defensive, it might be helpful they put the Jordan case to the UN Security Council after an appeal by Damascus

it appears necessary to start implementation of balanced punishment to any country co-operating in this anti-Syrian, anti-peace NATO-Arab-Al-Qaida scheme.

But most of all, it is necessary to immediately step up counter-propaganda media work, to wake up NATO’s unwitting majorities, before it is too late. Because present NATO is a paper tiger: Once the betrayed people get to know the realities on the ground, war efforts will not win blank checks, parliamentary disregard and general denial of detail as easily as nowadays.




3 comments on “NATO organizes a full-scale war in Syria – covertly under the table

  1. “This would certainly not have been possible under King Abdallah’s father Hussein.”

    A Palestinian from Jordan was just telling me recently that the Jordanians have no respect for King Abdallah, he is a “nerd.” They “shake their finger at him.”
    So sad, so sad. No solidarity, no fight against their own genocide.

  2. Yes that is how the western forces want to invade every country occupying the whole world.Russia & China and the good hearted nations should STOP them

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