Insiders ‘Out’ Al Jazeera Propaganda Machine on Syria

By Sibel Edmonds at BoilingFrogs


Time to ‘Out’ Others as Well

During the last few days I have been watching events unfold on the Al Jazeera front, and I must say, despite the exposé coming out way too late, I am delighted to see this propaganda machine exposed. The headlines read: Key staffs from Al Jazeera’s Beirut Bureau have resigned citing “bias” in the channel’s stance on the conflict in Syria.

Here are a few excerpts from decent coverage at RT:

Bureau Managing Director Hassan Shaaban reportedly quit last week, after his correspondent and producer had walked out in protest.
A source told the Lebanese paper Al Akhbar that Al Jazeera’s Beirut correspondent Ali Hashem had quit over the channel’s stance on covering events in Syria. “… his position [which] changed after the station refused to show photos he had taken of armed fighters clashing with the Syrian Army in Wadi Khaled. Instead [Al Jazeera] lambasted him as a shabeeh [implying a regime loyalist],” a source told Lebanese press.

Ali Hashem was also infuriated by Al Jazeera’s refusal to cover a crackdown by the King of Bahrain while twisting its Syria angle. “[In Bahrain], we were seeing pictures of a people being butchered by the ‘Gulf’s oppression machine’, and for Al Jazeera, silence was the name of the game,” he said.

The Beirut bureau’s producer also quit claiming Al Jazeera had totally ignored Syria’s constitutional reform referendum, which saw a 57% turnout with 90% voting for change.

Journalist and author Afshin Rattansi, who worked for Al Jazeera, told RT that, “sadly”, the channel had become one-sided voice for the Qatari government’s stance against Bashar al-Assad, having begun as the region’s revolutionary broadcaster.

And here is an excellent quote from the piece:

“It is very disturbing to hear how Al Jazeera is now becoming this regional player for foreign policy in a way that some would arguably say the BBC and others have been for decades,” he said. “If Al Jazeera Arabic is going to take a war-like stance after [the] Qatari government, this would be very ill.”

“There is the courage of these journalists, however, in saying ‘Look, this is not the way we should be covering this. There are elements of Al-Qaeda in there,’” Rattansi concluded. “The way Al Jazeera Arabic has covered the story of Syria is completely one-sided.”

I hate to gloat (I really do!), but we at Boiling Frogs Post exposed this propaganda machine’s false, biased and one-sided Syria coverage exactly three months ago on December 12, 2011:

Is Al Jazeera a Distant Cousin of the New York Times?!


Faux Syria Coverage by Western Media’s Illegitimate Child

Yesterday we broke the developing story of the US-NATO troop deployment on the Jordanian-Syrian Border. I’ve been monitoring the media for any relevant coverage. So far I have found ‘none.’ Then, today I found a very twisted, one-sided, and completely West-Driven video report on some developments along the Syrian-Jordanian border. The report comes from the long-bought and independence-imposter news agency Al-Jazeera, you know the ones who heavily beat the war drums during Libya development? Okay, please watch the following Faux Video Report by Al-Jazeera Drummer Boys and Girls, and let me know all the things you find wrong, missing, and ‘influenced’ with it:

Allow me go fist: no comments asked or requested from the Syrian government. No mentioning of the recent developments in Jordan … I think these pretenders have some gene-pool connection to the US media. Maybe a distant cousin? An illegitimate child? Now your turn…

And a few days later, on December 15, 2011, we exposed BBC’s usual propaganda operation here.

And of course we went after no-longer-AntiWar AntiWar.Com for exclusively covering BBC, Al Jazeera, NY Times, and the rest of the dirty cabal for months at their once-upon-a-time AntiWar site. You can see our thorough coverage of this ProWar site here, here, here, and here. I think it is way past time to see headlines on this sadly-converted site from alternative to mainstream propaganda. Maybe a video report like this one:

3 comments on “Insiders ‘Out’ Al Jazeera Propaganda Machine on Syria

  1. Right on.

    In that first clip the reporter first admits they have had zero interface with either side and then proceeds to spew a long series of slanted inuendos and old ‘aggressor’ story lines against Assad’s government – without even once saying “again, we really haven’t confirmed anything.”

    It’s easy for me to imagine how a completely terrified and boarded up town on the Jordanian border could become a fake ‘peoples strike’ for cameras (especially if the people have heard that US troops are nearby). Or the shut-down could be simply staged long enough (at threat of death) to allow the gang’s vehicle to get its digital footage.

    All of these images we’re seeing these days need to be questioned. This propaganda campaign has ruined forever my last shred of trust for video news.

  2. And all these folks with wrapped faces – odds are not bad that there’s fear of a recognition factor that has little to do with Syrian faces – but more to do with faces seen far outside of Syria.

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