Despite imperialists failure in Syria, now is not the time for complacency

By Basel Mohaisen and Lizzie Phelan
In the face of the failure of the Syrian “regime” change plan of the US, Europe, the zionists and their Arabian and so-called Syrian opposition (“Syrian National Council”) puppets, they are now embarking on a clear double game to try to cover their backs. It is also clear that none of their strategies are well intentioned or in the interests of democracy as they claim, and have no regard for the interests of the Syrian people.
Meanwhile as Russian Permanent Envoy to the UN Vitaly Churkin said, the Russian stance has not changed. Neither has the Chinese or the Syrian government’s, and that is the pursuit of a peaceful solution via dialogue.
Before the UN Envoy to Syria, Kofi Annan, had even got his mission off the ground, the Syrian National Council declared it a failureAs did CNN, despite that neither of them are qualified to make such grand declarations before Annan’s efforts had even begun in earnest. The credibility of both the CNN and SNC has been ridiculed repeatedly, with the tip of the iceberg for the SNC perhaps being the defection of three of its most senior members on the grounds that the body was incompetent and in effect non-existent, and for CNN being the leaking of videos via Addounia TV that not only show it has mislead viewers but also potentially implicate the channel in terrorist crimes committed on Syrian soil.

The western and GCC media continues to spout hot air, the desperation of which is best exemplified by the hypocritical dramatics over the alleged emails of President Bashar al-Assad and first lady Asma. Just as well for the imperialist elite that scandals like the British politicians expenses is well out of its public’s memory, and what salary is publicly funded BBC director general Mark Thompson on again? That’s right £671,000.
The continued imperialist media war is necessary for the imperialists to maintain the war of attrition undertaken by its terrorist proxies (even if it will not be stepped-up) and to prevent all out exposure of their current U-turn from their previous determination to force regime change.
This U-turn is because they have now been shown inconclusively that no cracks will emerge in Russia and China’s determination to prevent UN sanctioned violation of Syria’s territory and so increasing the pressure on the Syrian government is no longer an option. All that remains is for Syria’s enemies to find a way to scramble out of the mess they have dug themselves into.
The Kofi Annan “mission” provides them with such a face-saving opportunity to ride on. That Annan was allowed to proclaim that, “neither the Arab League, nor the UN are qualified to officially recognise the Syrian National Council,” is telling. A few months ago such an assertion against the Libyan NTC would have been unheard of despite that the nature of both oppositions are almost identical.
The timing of a recent Human Rights Watch (or as Black Agenda Report calls them “Human Rights Warriors of Empire”) report accusing the “Syrian opposition” they previously were only determined to portray as victims, of crimes, is also no coincidence. That in Libya, HRW would only begin to report on the crimes of the “rebels” once the Libyan government had been bombed to death or into hiding, shows how the organisation is being used in Syria to provide justification for a more cautious approach by its imperial masters.
In just the last year, the imperialists’ perception that they are invincible has been exposed as gross delusion, first with the heroic resistance in Libya, most notably in Sirte and Bani Walid, that delayed their plans for domination of that country by months, and now in Syria where their agenda has all together hit a stone wall.

The imperialists have always pursued their agenda at all costs, including assassination of their enemies and false flag operations in order to create pretexts for all out aggression against entire nations. What has prevented this in this case is clearly the steadfastness of Russia and China, who over Syria have once and for all put their foot down demonstrating that US-European unipolarity is irreversibly on its way out.
However, while their plans for Syria have been forced to be reevalutated, as Cuba’s Fidel Castro has repeatedly warned, most recently in his latest reflection, the Pentagon’s plans to commit its greatest crime to date, by unleashing its biggest conventional war head – a 30,000-pound bunkerbuster bomb – and “extensive destruction of Iran’s infrastructure and mass civilian casualties through the combined use of tactical nukes and monster conventional mushroom cloud bombs”, there never has been a time for complacency, least of all now.

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