Libya: (an example of) What NATO is responsible for

One of NATO's unarmed civilians

The Green Resistance in Libya has brought us a first-hand account of a girl who was captured by the pro-NATO terrorists. Below is her story, the story of total depravity and a telling example of the type of person (?) that the USA, France and the UK sided with in Libya. Surely if you arm and finance terrorists like this, you are responsible?

The FUKUS-Axis is responsible for unleashing bands of thugs and murderers and torturers onto the streets of Libya to take over this oil-rich, strategically placed nation, the heart of the Mediterranean basin. The FUKUS-Axis is also responsible for the action of this scourge which they created. I urge Cameron, Obama and Sarkozy to read these lines…

I also urge Clinton, Hague and Juppé to read these lines. As for the Qatari scourge which boosted the ranks of the terrorists who raped, tortured, looted, stole and murdered their way to destroying Libya. The global media of course do not carry this type of material.

The title of this piece is: “Interview with girl who escaped from rats prison”. It is a first-account of a girl who was captured by the terrorists who destroyed Libya, working for the FUKUS-Axis (France, UK, US and Israel) against their people. It was translated by volunteers. Here is an abridged version of her horrendous account.

The victim is a Libyan girl who wishes to remain anonymous for her own security, since she escaped from an NTC prison. NTC – the terrorist scourge aided and abetted by the FUKUS-Axis, the same Axis now supporting terrorists in Syria. She was captured by the NTC terrorists on August 20, 2011 and escaped in late November 2011, remaining in hiding until March 2012, when she decided to talk.

Girl: “I was one of the Libyan women and girls who volunteered for the People’s Guard, to protect our country from NATO and the NTC (Rats).  I was captured and was a imprisoned by the Rats for three months. They tortured me during this period of time, using electrical appliances and in other ways…They would put us inside some fridge trucks, that were generally used as cold rooms, or as mortuaries. They often used electric shocks on people, using a ‘shocker’, or home-made electric chairs and bare electrical wires connected to the grid; also they scalded people with hot water and sat them for long periods under freezing air outlets. They raped us and used all kinds of brutality and humiliation…

“We were force to say what they wanted or we were going to be tortured and the journalists were threatening us, to get the story they wanted. These events involved both Misrata and Tripoli Rat-brigades.

“When they captured me they hit me with… Some of the group of girls were taken away and the rest were charged by the local NTC-gangs with the crime of murder – for defending our Country from attack.

“I gave them what that they wanted from me, but I did it under torture, the influence of drugs they gave me and the threat of further harm.

“Concerning the press, it was at first the Italian media and later they brought me to a woman from the UAE media,  who interrogated me.  In the hospital, my jailers also took me to a foreign psychiatrist called Cristina, who continuously drugged me and my memory is not clear about what happened…She was Italian and she brought to me the NTC flag…

“We were under electricity (torture  by electroshocker) , boiled water (they scalded people) and freezing air from  conditioner (and  raping)…  They jailed us in Al Jdaida (prison in Tripoli) and in a headquarters in Maitiga (big military base and airport in Tripoly) and there were people from UAE in addition to many foreign journalists …

“Concerning the way they treated me, are still treating many imprisoned Libyan patriots,.. of course they are Rats and traitors to Libya. Such creatures do not have any higher feelings or real understanding or beliefs . As Jailers, their concern and human involvement with us was zero, but when the Press came around, they pretended that they are treating us very well.

“The jailors were Qatari and Misrati people, but Zintani were most. And when they captured me they killed about 15 soldiers belonging to Khamis brigade. They killed those kids (young men) in front of me and they also killed some women who were next to me.

“They stuck needles under my fingernails…they brought a Gaddafi man (volunteer of people´s guard)… whom I knew very well … They brought a gas stove, on which they put a casserole of water on that stove, till the water got boiled and after this they cooked that man in front of me and other girls.

“They were bringing some people and they were torturing them in front of our eyes . (During executions or tortures of people) they where threatening us, if we do not say what they wanted for their TV channels, our fates would be the same, as those people. And we did what they wanted… (girls told fake stories for the global media members)”.

The account speaks for itself. Foreign involvement in the type of scenes not seen outside nazi concentration camps or the US-run torture chamber of Abu Ghraib in Iraq under the Bush regime.

So, the conclusion from the shills who will flood into this page will be that without a name, we cannot prove whether it is true or not or whether this girl exists. I have no doubt in my sources, who are inside Libya and who have provided me with the truth for this column for well over a year.

And after what these NTC terrorists have done to innocent civilians in the streets, is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that what this girl suffered was just another example of the depravity and sub-human cruelty perpetrated by forces supported by the FUKUS-Axis?

I dedicate this piece to Cameron, Hague, Clinton, Obama, Juppé and Sarkozy. May what happened to this girl never, ever happen to you or your womenfolk. For those who disbelieve it happened, then…

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


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