‘US would stick two fingers up to UN if in Assad’s shoes’

April 11, 2012

On Tuesday, the Free Syrian Army, said it “would respect Annan’s plan”, but is threatening to continue its struggle if Damascus violates the UN’s ceasefire agreement. By this statement, the Free Syrian Army believes it now has equal diplomatic footing with the sovereign state of Syria.

NATO Allied countries like the US and Britain are taking the side of the Free Syrian Army in these negotiations – and have been publically calling for ‘regime change’ in Damascus for over one year.

RT reports, “Peace envoy Kofi Annan says he’s received assurances from the Syrian government that it will respect a UN-brokered ceasefire with rebels, which is scheduled to begin within 24hrs. The key negotiator remains optimistic about the deal, but some Western countries again unleashed a barrage of criticism on the regime for its alleged failure to stick to commitments.”

However, Turkey is now accused of assisting Syrian rebels, says Patrick Henningsen, analyst from Infowars.com.

If faced with the same situation, Henningsen also believes that both Russia and the USA would not be abiding by any UN-brokered deal to withdrawal its forces from its cities, as Kofi Annan has asked Syria’s Assad to do by this week.

According to Henningsen, “If Obama was faced with this situation, to have US militias armed and being aided by the Chinese, the Canadians, or the Mexicans and terrorizing cities in the US, you’d better believe that the US Federal Government would give two fingers up to the United Nations and tell them ‘stay out of our business because we have a domestic insurgency problem which we need to put down in order to bring stability to our state’ – why isn’t Syria viewed at in this way? It’s a good question.”

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