OBAMA’S SYRIA DESTABILIZATION CAMPAIGN: Despite the Ceasefire Agreement, Assassinations and Kidnappings Continue…

by Scott Creighton

As the UN Ceasefire Agreement in Syria reaches it’s fourth day, the so-called “rebels” and “activists” are continuing their destabilization campaign now with the help of “non military aid” provided by the Obama administration and paychecks for the terrorists coming from other Middle Eastern countries.

Kidnappings and assassinations have been rampant these past few days mainly targeting candidates for the upcoming elections. Kind of an odd thing for these so-called “democracy activists” to do, trying to keep candidates from participating in an open election, wouldn’t you say?

According to official SANA news agency, a candidate for Syria’s upcoming parliamentary elections, Mohammad Ismail al-Ahmed, was kidnapped Saturday by an “armed terrorist group” in the northern province of Idlib.

“Terrorists” stormed al-Ahmed’s house in Idlib’s al-Tih town, shot at him, and took him to an unknown destination, SANA said.

According to private media reports, the so-called “battalions of Mohammed”, a rebel group, have recently threatened to kill whoever might put himself as a candidate for the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

The group said in a video uploaded onto YouTube that they would force the candidates to withdraw from the parliamentary elections. Xinhua

The last thing Hillary Clinton and her NATO co-conspirators want is to see a legitimate election take place in Syria in the next few weeks. It would make it nearly impossible for them afterward to claim the government of the country is illegitimate. So the endgame here is to make sure that election doesn’t take place and if it does, they need to make sure that it is as flawed as possible.

One way to do that is to make sure candidates back out of the election before it takes place due to fear of being killed for participating in it. As long as the media ignores the REASON they don’t participate, the regime change advocates like Clinton can then blame the Assad regime even though it is clearly her “activists” who are behind the killings and kidnappings.

There have been several other leading political and military figures killed or kidnapped in the past 4 days…

Earlier Saturday, another armed group kidnapped Colonel Mohammad Eid in the central province of Hama and took him to an unknown place, SANA said.

Private websites and TV close to the Syrian government said Saturday that a prominent preacher was assassinated late Friday in the Damascus suburb of Saida Zeinab.

The reports said Sayyed Nasser al-Allawi, the imam and preacher of al-Hossayniya Scientific Hawza, was shot from a near distance in front of his house and died after being taken to a nearby hospital.

… Also on Friday, “armed terrorist groups” killed Major Moussa Youssef in the central province of Hama, an act decried by SANA as an attempt to “undermine Syria’s stability and blow up any effort to find a political solution to the crisis.”

Even on Thursday, when the ceasefire proposed by UN-Arab League special envoy Kofi Annan went into effect, officials including a brigadier general in the Damascus suburb of Jaramana, a first lieutenant in the northern province of Aleppo, and the secretary of al-Baath Party’s office in al-Mazareeb town of the southern Daraa province were killed, and dozens of officers were wounded. Xinhua

This increase in violence from the so-called “activists” coincides with President Obama’s approval of a “non-lethal” aid package for the activists. In accordance with the agreement reached at the Orwellian named “Friends of Syria” conference, we are now supplying medial and communication equipment to the foreign fighters destabilizing Syria.

US President Barack Obama has approved non-lethal US aid, including communications equipment and medicines for Syria’s rebels, and plans to increase the package over time, a US official said Friday. AFP

The fact that Hillary Clinton herself admitted that al Qaeda is in Syria fighting with the “rebels” seems lost on most media outlets.

We have a very dangerous set of actors in the region, al-Qaida [sic], Hamas, and those who are on our terrorist list, to be sure, supporting – claiming to support the opposition [in Syria].” Global Research (video there)

One might guess that the Romney campaign would possibly use this ironic turn of events during the ongoing election campaign; President Obama providing aid to rebels working with al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. After all, it’s still illegal to provide aid and comfort to terrorists organizations, isn’t it? Anyone on the right still remember 9/11?

(Oh, well except for the MEK of course. Read my earlier articles about our support (USA support) for that terrorist organization here and here)We are openly supporting them and of course the terrorists who destabilized Libya for us.)

When you say “aid and comfort” that’s pretty much is the definition of what we are providing them: aid (communication equipment so they can better coordinate their assassinations and kidnappings) and comfort (medical supplies). Seems pretty straight forward.

After all, Tarek Mehanna was just sentenced to 17 years in prison in a Boston courtroom for “supporting al Qaeda” and all he did was translate some of their writings on his website and publicly ponder the idea that perhaps an indigenous population has the right to defend their country from an occupying force.

Is Mehanna’s “aid and comfort” all that more useful to al Qaeda than what the Obama administration just agreed to give them? That’s to say nothing of the paychecks the other “Friends of Syria” will be giving them.

But of course, that simple and obvious connection is lost on most media outlets these days and apparently it’s also lost on Romney’s campaign advisers.

Be that as it may, the destabilization campaign is still going on in full swing. Go here to watch a Russia Today interview with author of Full Spectrum Dominance, F. William Engdahl as he explains how we and other NATO countries are funding and training these mercenaries in Syria (or just watch the video embedded below).

A few weeks ago when the Syrian government retook control of Homs Assad traveled there and was greeted by the residents and displaced citizens of his country. He is still the single most popular leader in the Arab world (now that Hillary Clinton murdered Gadhafi) and he showed the world why by promising the displaced residents of that area that the state would pay to rebuild their homes destroyed by the conflict.

Yet, Obama is disappointed that the Syrian army hasn’t withdrawn from several Syrian towns including Homs where the foreign terrorists have set up shop.

The citizens of Homs have stated that if the government forces pull out of the city leaving them to the mercy of the mercenaries, they too will pull out before they are slaughtered like the pro-government Libyans in the wake of our “democratic victory” in that country.

(The above linked video shows how the Syrian forces were welcomed as they rolled into the city of Homs. They had a parade. You won’t see that on either Fox News or MSNBC, that’s for sure. More coverage of the Syrian people’s wish to have government forces remain for their protection can be found here.)

Imagine if Cuba had provided aid and support to a bunch of Canadians posing as U.S. army “defectors” and Putin had the gall to demand Obama pull his forces out of Michigan leaving it defenseless. This is exactly what is happening.

Imagine if Hugo were paying “activists” to kidnap and murder people like Ron Paul or Mitt Romney just prior to the upcoming election. This is exactly what is happening in Syria only it’s the U.S. and the precious Peace Prize President doing it rather than some “evil dictator” who stole his country back from our glorious corporations and banks.

Imagine if it were President John McCain doing this instead of Obama. Do you think the left would be up in arms right now Occupying the Mall on Washington with a million or so peace/antiwar activists? You betcha. But no. We got “CHANGE” instead.

Nice how that “left cover” thingy works, ain’t it?

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