Breaking News:White House Staff ALSO Involved In Columbia Prostitute Scandal Ignored

By Lawrence Sinclair, LSNews


While President Obama stated in Columbia yesterday

“What happened here in Colombia is being investigated by the director of the Secret Service,” Obama said. “I expect that investigation to be thorough and I expect it to be rigorous,” the president told reporters in his first public reaction to the controversy. “If it turns out that some of the allegations that have been made in the press are confirmed, then of course I’ll be angry.”

and author Ron Kessler, who broke the scandal on the Washington Post made the rounds the morning shows calling for the Director of the Secret Service to be fired,

“This is the worst scandal in the history of the Secret Service,” Kessler said on NBC’s “Today” show on Monday. “The Secret Service, under Mark Sullivan, has gone from one debacle to another.”

Kessler and all the other media organizations have failed to report that some of President Obama’s own White House staff were also involved in the procurement of prostitutes in Columbia.

Eleven secret service personnel and five military service members have been accused of misconduct, including cavorting with prostitutes and excessive drinking, ahead of the president’s trip here this weekend.

According to sources who ask to remain anonymous (for clearly obvious reasons) close to the Secret Service, members of the White House staff also were involved. While President Obama and others have pointed the finger at and chastised the Secret Service and Military personnel involved, there has NOT been not a peep over the White House staff which were also involved!

“My attitude with respect to the Secret Service personnel is no different than I expect out of my delegation that’s sitting here,” Obama said at a joint press conference with President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia.

Obama did not express what his attitude is as to his own White House staff who were also involved in the incident.

“We’re representing the people of the United States, and when we travel to another country I expect us to observe the highest standards because we’re not just representing ourselves,” he said. “We’re here on behalf of our people and that means that we conduct ourselves with the utmost dignity and probity. And obviously what’s been reported doesn’t match up with those standards.”

Obama added that he will “wait until the full investigation is completed until I pass judgment.”

Mr. Kessler may feel Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan should be fired, but Sinclair News can report targeting the Secret Service and Military while covering for White House staff is not going to be allowed to happen.

Sinclair News has to ask the obvious question that no one else seems to want to ask. Why is it okay for the Secret Service to assist in procuring the services of a prostitute for the President, but its not okay for them to procure the services for themselves? Better yet, why has Mr. Kessler gone on all the morning news show today and not once mention the FACT that White House staff were also involved in the scandal in Columbia?

When was the media or the White House going to disclose that it was not just Secret Service Agents and Military personnel involved? When was President Obama going to announce there would be a thorough investigation into his own staffs involvement?

Further Updates to this story will be forthcoming.

Kessler to Newsmax: Secret Service Prostitutes May be Underage Girls

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2 comments on “Breaking News:White House Staff ALSO Involved In Columbia Prostitute Scandal Ignored

  1. Sounds like the agents were instructed to procure ‘companionship’ in advance for presidential staff. They are now being rewarded with a vigorous tossing under the presidential bus. There’s much more to this story than is being reported,…and that is by design.

    Another red herring from a red press.

  2. Now this story has hit FOX news, as I saw at the Wayne Madsen Report. Apparently Wayne originally got the story from Larry Sinclair, not the other way around as I had thought (my apologies). Wayne should have given Larry credit for pointing him to this important story!

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