Obama Lawyer Admits In Court that Birth Certificate On White House Website Is A Forgery

By Stephanie

To summarize what happened here:  Barack Obama’s attorney admitted in open court that the document currently posted on the White House website is, indeed, a forgery.   This admission was done by stipulation.  Mr. Wilcox, the expert witness offering estimony, was waived from appearance by Ms. Hill’s stipulation to Mr. Apuzzo’s demand that the White House birth certificate could not be used as any evidence as to Obama’s record of birth.  Upon inquiry by the judge, Ms. Hill so stipulated.  There is absolutely NO REASON to stipulate to the assertion that the White House birth certificate is anything other than authentic, and therefore admissible, if it is in fact, legitimate.  There would have been NO NEED for her to stipulate thereto if there was not indeed, something very wrong with that document. Ms. Hill’s assertion, that the New Jersey Secretary of State does not require a birth certificate would have been sufficient to prevail in her argument. Yet, she stipulated.  Concurrence to her argument can be seen in the last video posted above, wherein the judge explains that New Jersey has no requirement for a candidate to present their birth certificate to be on the ballot.

It also could not be established whether or not Obama ever presented a birth certificate, any birth certificate, the forged document on the White House website, or any other one, to the New Jersey Secretary of State.  Therefore, if none was presented, the claim of fraud could not be argued.  The judge even goes on to allude to the idea that if this case where in another jurisdiction, one that requires a birth certificate for placement on a ballot for office, this would be an entirely different situation.

The bottom line here is two-fold:  (1) The birth certificate currently on the White House website is admitted to be a forgery, and (2) The judge in this matter could not hold Obama to a standard that the State of New Jersey does not have.  The question is:  What state(s) do have the requirement?

One also has to ask, what has this country come to when the Executive Branch of our government can literally post a forged document, with the President of the United States asserting that it is ‘a legitimate and true copy’ of his birth certificate, and get a free pass from the media?  Moreover, how can that fraud be let to stand?  If the fraud and corruption is that pervasive, as to literally begin at the top, how do we have any hope of addressing the fraud and corruption from there down?

The implications of this are enormous, and well beyond any question of whether or not we have a ‘legitimate’ president.  For those who may think I’m playing partisan politics here, you’re wrong.  This isn’t about partisanship and it isn’t even about Obama.  Paul Craig Roberts wrote a wonderful piece about the  rule of law in 2009.  You can read it here and I will state unequivocally that I agree with his piece wholeheartedly.

The Founding Fathers established this country with the idea of a First Principle – that principle being The Rule of Law – and its application to everyone equally.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not feeling very ‘equal’ at the moment.  I’d doubt either you or I could get away with passing off a forgery of a government-issued document and not be sitting in jail.  This gives an all new perspective as to why, for instance, banks have no problem getting away with passing off forged documents claiming they can foreclose on homes to which they have no valid claim.  I mean, if I’m a bank, I just point at the White House and say, ‘Hey, they did it!’  How long before everyone else realizes there really is no more rule of law?

I suspect that time is much shorter than anyone thinks.  When you’ve lost the rule of law from the top down, you’ve literally lost your country.

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