New Pentagon Intelligence Agency to Spy on Iran, China

[ In a recent article ] The New York Times newspaper reported that the Pentagon is revamping its spy operations to focus on high-priority targets like Iran and China in a reorganization that reflects a shift away from the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The new Defense Clandestine Service would make use of existing agents, authorities and assets and work closely with the Central Intelligence Agency to track ‘emerging threats’, the newspaper said late Monday.

“It will thicken our coverage across the board,” it quoted a senior defense department official as saying.

Case officers from the Defense Intelligence Agency already secretly gather intelligence outside of conventional battle zones, the Times said, and the latest move further cements cooperation between the military and the CIA.

The new intelligence service is expected to grow “from several hundred to several more hundred” agents in the coming years by shifting personnel and funding from existing assignments, the Times quoted the official as saying.

Source: Al Manar

2 comments on “New Pentagon Intelligence Agency to Spy on Iran, China

  1. In elementary school, even the classmates of the bully who thinks he runs things eventually find out he isn’t so big when ALL of his class mates kick the sh*t out of him. Unfortunately, this concept is very scalable and eventually, big bully America, with me inside it will see our nation’s first major defeat. The Federal Government is America’s worst enemy, not Iran, and certainly not China.

  2. Its just another reason to spend money on operations that will help protect the big bully.Obviously they already failed why add another agency? Panetta, might as well
    call it his own secret service,please.

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