Bahrain: Euro-Billionaires Party at Grand Prix as Citizens are Beaten and Shot Outside

By Patrick Henningsen,

In the gulf states, money and power trump human life.

With over 50 civilians dead and hundreds more imprisoned, the western-backed, ruling dictatorial monarchy in Bahrain sent a clear message to world as to where its loyalties truly are. Despite all of its horrific state-sponsored violence, the client state of Washington DC and Whitehall, still enjoys ’most favored nation status’.

While the European billionaire jet-set wined and dined their way through another Formula One calendar fixture, protesters were outside clashing with Bahrain police during the funeral of a political activist found dead over the weekend. Unlike the violence in Syria where rebels are being armed and backed by the US State Department and the British Foreign Office, the Bahrain uprising appears to be genuine and the protesters are all unarmed.

This past weekend should serve as an example to hawkish regime change voices in the west – particularly those voices in the US and Europe who clamor on about alleged ‘human rights’ abuses in Syria, as to the sheer hypocrisy that exists when it comes to evaluating which nations are left alone – and which governments must be “taken down”.

How can these gulf states operate within a such thin band of civilization and still receive the full backing of America and Great Britain? Here are a few answers:

Like with every other Emirate and petro-dictatorship in the Arab League, the Bahrani Royal Family maintain their credibility with western powers, yet their brutal police state continues to act with impunity – in full public view.

In case you missed it, you might want to catch this shocking video of a Bahrain Police ‘drive by’ shooting – filmed in April 2011:

If this is who Washington and London are allied with, it should give you an idea of what they eventually have planned for the people of Syria.

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