‘MI6 endorsing Amr Moussa for Egypt president’

A team of British spies from UK’s foreign spying apparatus MI6 are in Egypt to run the election campaign of Amr Moussa, who’s affiliated to Western and US governments, a report said.

After several reports and close observations of the secrecy surrounding Amr Moussa’s election campaign, a reporter working for the Islam Times in Cairo confirmed that there are a team of British intelligence officers that are running Moussa’s presidential campaign.

The sources also confirmed that Britain has agreed with Amr Moussa to train a squad of its secret intelligence agents to work in Egypt through British ambassador to Cairo “James Watt”.

The group had been sent to Cairo as part of a tourist group three months ago, but the group carried out studies on the conditions under which the Egyptian people are living and mapped out the demography of the country based on classes and sects.

According to reports British spies are directly leading the financial spending of Moussa’s electoral campaign, on which a huge amount of money is spent.

Amr Moussa is an Egyptian politician and diplomat who was the Secretary General of the Arab League, a 22-member forum representing Arab countries, from 1 June 2001 until 1 June 2011. Previously he served in the government of Egypt as Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1991 to 2001. He is a candidate in the 2012 presidential election.

Source: PressTV

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