Syria: Two Terrorist Explosions Hit Damascus on Thursday

[Editor’s note: These are the crimes zionist controlled mainstream media keep covering up and even defending! Don’t let them fool you! Defend Syria, its people and its sovereignty. Support President Bashar Al Assad who has always been a core element of the resistance against imperialism]

Two terrorist explosions hit Damascus Thursday morning near al-Qazaz crowded  intersection at the  southern ring-road .

The explosions took place at a densely populated area as they coincided with the employees and students going to their jobs and schools.

The two terrorist explosions caused tens of  martyrs and wounded civilians ; a big carter is seen in the place of the explosions  and the chassis of burned cars and means of transport scatter over all the targeted area.

Meanwhile, the UN observes team inspected the site of the two terrorist attacks.

Source: Sana

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