Syria and the manipulation of the masses. Time for reflection

By MKERone

In the following article: Syrian rebels get influx of arms with gulf neighbors’ money, U.S. coordination published on the Washington Post website today, we learn that the Obama administration, through its GCC client states, violates all international laws, the UN charter, the Geneva convention and its own constitution.

Indeed, it’s been more than a year now that we know that foreign funded, financed, armed, trained terrorists are carrying out a civil war in Syria. Even though corrupt mainstream media first endeavored to make us believe they were peaceful protesters, and now admit they use arms and heavy artillery. They’re trying to make us think that at first, “revolution” was peaceful, but due to Syrian government tough response, they desperately had to start using guns.

It’s now crystal clear that the US state department along with its NATO allies, implemented the same regime change scheme in Syria than it did in Libya. They created an armed conflict, used mainstream media to distort the reality and manipulate public opinion, hence making the public support a genocidal war.

We can notice that a tiny portion of the people starts realizing that mainstream media are being controlled by the very same trying to sell us continuous wars and massacres. I wouldn’t say that everybody knows about the complex links between corporate & media elite and our governments. It’s not the point. But this tiny portion of the people knows mainstream media are serving their masters.

The below video gives a very good insight on who controls the information people read and hear everyday.

Despite what has been said above, a huge majority of the people still believe what mainstream media reports. Some would say it’s a question of time until the masses realize what’s at stake. And that more and more people start realizing they’re being fooled. Though, time is a crucial issue. Indeed, in less that 4 years of Obama’s presidency, we’ve seen the same wars continuing and getting worse, and new ones being launched. Hence, global mobilization is needed, NOW. We cannot accept those crimes and upcoming ones to be committed and remain idle.

Alternative media is gaining “market shares” but is still not considered as a 100% reliable source of information by the general public.

When talking about Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Syria with many different people I could notice 2 types of behaviors.

The first one is what I call “the happy fool’s acceptance“. People in that category know they’re being fooled, but think they can’t change anything about it. Hence, they focus on their own lives, give up on learning and thinking, and focus on “enjoying” life which for them basically means making money to buy useless goods (and that’s exactly what the system wants them to do).

The second type of behavior is what I call “the deceived thinker“. People in that category are people with a good educational background who believe everything they’ve been fed with. When talking to them I realized that whatever I could tell them, they would simply never believe a word I say and accept they’re wrong. For a simple reason, accepting that would mean that everything they’ve based their knowledge on, hence their personality, is a total lie. That would cast doubt on who they are, how they’ve constructed their inner selves, their thinking and analyzing process. Hence, they cowardly reject anything that could prove them wrong.

Going back to the Syrian matter, even though thousands of independent videos & reports prove mainstream media lied and fabricated fake information, the majority of the masses – even after the now totally exposed lies on the Iraq war – will still tend to whether agree and accept, or, be totally uninterested by the topic.

On this website, we’re dedicated to expose mainstream media lies as well as provide information mainstream media keeps silent about. If you are willing to learn more about the Syrian issue, just clik on the Syria tab and you’ll find more than 340 articles.

What do you think people’s reaction would be when reading the Washington post I refer to in the beginning of this article? Do you think people will start questioning US State Department and corrupt Arab League statements about Assad breaking the cease fire ? No way… It will be total acceptance. Under the R2P myth and demonization campaigns against Bashar Al Assad the world has been fed with. Copy/paste with the war on Iraq. Copy/Paste with the war on Libya. Copy/Paste Copy/Paste Copy/Paste… People won’t take the time to think by themselves and refer to the constitution of their country, to international law, to anything… They’ll massively accept what corrupt mainstream media tell them to think. Worst part, is that most of them will then dare talking about it as if they independently took the time to think and research about it.

People with the courage to seek for truth are not numerous enough. Though, it is according to many of us, the only way to free ourselves from the total domination we’re being subjected to. The only way of escaping selfishness, consumerism, and destruction we’re being imposed. How can anyone look the other way when thousands of innocent people are being killed? I’m not saying that everything I say, write or think is the absolute truth. I’m just trying to figure things out by myself. And so shall people do. People should care for one another. Stop focusing on their insignificant lives that are only about accumulating useless wealth.

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