Meme-Stream Media Offers Counter-Theory: Maybe 1991 Mistake Birthed ‘Birthers’

After failing in their investigative duties and media capacities on every front– from the Iraq War, to 9/11, the “Death” of Bin Laden, Obama’s Birther Problem and so much more, the “mainstream media” are finally claiming to have figured one out.

In the wake of bombshell news that a literary publicist that had Obama as a client published an official biography listing Obama’s birthplace as Kenya, wire newsfeeds are circulating the “meme” that the bio was the editor’s “mistake” and, further, may have been the initial spark for what has become a proverbial ‘birther’ controversy firestorm. That’s right, multiple news agencies, acting in concert, are putting forward that the 1991 editor’s error that went uncorrected for 16 years may have, well, given birth to the birther movement questioning Obama’s eligibility to hold the highest office in the land.

As I just wrote while reporting on the ‘mistake’ apologyYahoo! News, who spoke with Goderich, released news of the apology. In doing so, writer Dylan Stableford makes his own ridiculous attempt to further spin the elephant in the room on the basis of the “mistake” explanation with prose that would make Orwell shutter. He opens his article with the declaration that a “possible source” of rumors about Obama’s birth in a foreign country “has been identified,” all while refusing to acknowledge the serious implications that should be met with equally serious investigation. Meanwhile, the AP ludicrously tried to re-write reality by raising the question: Did 1991 mistake spark ‘birther’ issue?.

Instead of actually investigating the smoking gun questions and idiomatic ‘bloody trail’ that leads to Barack Obama’s real birth certificate, the so-called mainstream media is covering for the sitting Commander in Chief, totally complicit and professionally unwilling to actually report or probe. As the Telegraph asked, How did the mainstream media miss this? You can chance that Mitt Romney, and most of the neo-con “rightwing” media will fit that category as well.

That is through the looking glass: as we have long pointed out, the real Obama Deception, as Alex Jones termed it in 2009, runs deep indeed. Frankly, all this ‘birther’ stuff seemed like a stretch then, at least next to the wide-array of exposed policy agendas handled for Obama by CFR/Goldman Sachs advisors, Bilderberg overlords and other shadow-shareholders when he assumed office in 2009– though a trail of evidence had begun to surface even then.

As Alex makes clear in his video installments (below), Hillary Clinton and her campaign were the first “birthers,” using their intelligence files to uncover the Achilles’ Heel that would make an Obama Presidency very blackmail-able– because taking the highest office while violating one of two of the Constitution’s simple requirements for an eligible President– namely that that person be at least 35 years old, and that the individual be natural born– would be blatantly unconstitutional, impeachable/removable and certain to trigger a big mess via social backlash.

Sheriff Arpaio’s cold posse investigation into the probable forgery case behind Obama’s purported birth certificate and draft card are only some of the latest and most credible allegations, oddities and “clues” into the truth behind a sitting president, and alleged usurper, thoroughly linked to the CIA and intelligence community that few seem to truly know.

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