3 comments on “Black Op Down: The Mythical Raid on Bin Laden’s Compound

  1. I just wish you would use a different source than cointelpro Alex Jones. I thought the name of this blog was COUNTERpsyops. I know you can’t have a man[Osama] who died in 2001, die again in 2011.
    I lose respect for sites that continue to use Alex Jones & others of his ilk as source material. In all the good investigating that you do, how is it possible that you have not come across his true nature & agenda.
    Something smells off here….

    • Dear Bea41660,

      Thanks for your comment. Actually Alex Jones has been accused of many things including defending a Zionist Agenda. But you must also admit that he broke out many news that are not covered by MSM. Beside since the beginning of the Fake ‘war on terror’ and the US funded ‘Color FAKE Revolutions’ in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and now Syria, he always sided with the truth against US and NATO and gave free speech to independents such as Webster Tarpley, Tony Cartalucci (LandDestroyerReport: who is a frequent contributor on Infowars) or Syrian Girl to name a few. We know very well what is CointelPro.
      Could you please argue about Jones’CointelPro actions ?

      Pleased to Hear,


      • I understand what you are saying. I followed him for quite some time. He does present “some” thruths. But that is how evil works, it presents just enough truth to hook people in. It is the leavening of the pharisees. In other words once the truth has fallacies mixed in, it is no longer the whole truth.


        These are but 2 examples.
        Connect the dollar signs.
        I am only 1 disabled American with a laptop. You have far more research capabilities than I. That is, if you are sincerely seeking the whole truth I pray that you are.

        Blessings !

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