‘NATO behind Houla massacre’

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has said that most of the civilian victims of last week’s massacre in the Syrian town of Houla were executed

Over 100 civilians were killed in a massacre in the western town of Houla on May 25.

Meanwhile, a number of Western governments have recalled their ambassadors and high-ranking diplomats from Syria in protest to the killing of at least 108 people.

The Syrian government says that the chaos is being orchestrated from outside the country and that security forces have been given clear instructions not to harm civilians.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Syed Ali Wasif, from the Society for International Reforms and Research, to hear his opinion on this issue. The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: First of all I like to get your opinion on the double standard being adopted by the international community, by and large when it comes to Syria specifically with regards to this Houla massacre where most of the civilians were killed at point-blank range and not by the artillery and tanks as many claimed?

Wasif: Well unfortunately yes there is a double standard when it comes to the interest of NATO and pro-Western allies. So this is exactly the case in Syria going on today. What happened is alarming.

Actually this was a premeditated, pre-orchestrated component of the NATO foreign policy actually or what you can call it an alliance of the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia with regard to this premeditated action and this murder, killing a hundred people there.

How could the Syrian government kill its own people when they represent basically the Alawites and those people there were mainly Alawites and all other pro-Syrian people?

So how could a government kill its own people?

So this is totally ridiculous. But the thing is actually now we are seeing a zooming in of the NATO pressure on Syria by taking one by one different steps in different directions in order to bring down the Syrian government, in order to put a lot of pressure on it and the other step was actually the taking down all those or calling all those ambassadors of the West allies and NATO countries to the respective countries.

This basically is a sign of putting more pressure on Damascus to give them certain concessions or to try to negotiate in favor of those.

This unfortunately is also a brazen act of terrorism by their pro-Saudi, Wahhabi, pro-Israel and pro-American terrorist there and they are totally terrorists under international legal norms and human rights and humanitarian norms.

So there is no question about it even at times we have seen that the United Nations has also taken up the same stance as thereof the Damascus government that those in the opposition are the terrorists resorting to violence and killing civilians and unarmed people.

So this basically is sort of an astonishing alliance between the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia which is totally a US puppet there in that region, is how could they who are in the opposition in Syria could toe the line of Israel, Saudi Arabia and United States and then call for Islam or take the name of Islam? How could it happen?

I mean Syria and on the other hand the Syrian government is a secular government based on the Ba’ath Party of formed and established in 1910 in Damascus by a Christian and a Jewish, Michel Alfaq.

So how could the Western government try to pose this Syrian government as a threat to the Western interest when this government is a secular government?

So when we see a combination of the two opposing factions there, there is two opposing sides, that is the Western allies and there is NATO and Western powers with Israel and the United States on the one hand and on the other hand Saudi Arabia and the Wahhabis and others, the opposition Syrian forces on the other, how could they join hands with the Western powers who do not like the Islamists?

So if the Islamists are on the same side and sharing shoulder to shoulder the same burden and sharing the same interest with the Zionist and with the Americans, it means that there is something fishy out there and this is the moment when I think the Syrian people and those naïve Syrians who are not that aware of the international situation and the ideological standing behind these forces, they should know and should analyze the situation that they are being basically backed by pro-Zionist , pro Wahhabi, pro-American forces and they have been cheated and deceived in the name of Islam by those forces in Syria and they have nothing to do with their liberation, with their freedom or with their Islamic movements because these forces cannot have, you know on the one hand they can have a kind of an ally in the name of Satan, in the name of evil and they act in the name of Allah on the other hand. This cannot happen.

They cannot go hand in hand with Satan, with evil and with Allah. So they have to find and choose the right option that is to find the solution to this problem created by those Western allies, Israel and the Saudis there.

So I think this is totally an act orchestrated by the Saudi intelligence, funded by the Israelis and of course the NATO forces there, the NATO countries there trying to manipulate the political situation. They are calling off the respective ambassadors back.

And one thing more I want to point out here and I will be the first person to do that regarding Syria.

Listen, as soon as you see that the Syrian government topples, if it topples in the future for instance then you will see the Eastern Saudi province, the Northern Yemeni province, the other countries will see a flare-up of those and Bahrain as well and you will see the armed guerrillas in those counties.

Source: Press TV

One comment on “‘NATO behind Houla massacre’

  1. What will it be like?
    You can know exactly what it will be like by carefully studying the horrific
    pictures of the Tsunami in Japan, the various wars all over the world,
    in places such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Somalia,
    and of course Libya.
    Transfer those images to exactly where you live, nowhere else.
    Transfer the images of the Depleted Uranium babies,
    those devastated by Agent Orange, White Phosphorous,
    and fragmentation bombs, the toxic vaccines, and the many other horrors,
    to you, your family, and your neighborhood.
    Hell is not only a place for the future.
    We have caused many people to live in hell.
    Do not believe the lying media.
    The days of military victories for the Biblical Israelite countries,
    (U.S.A., U.K., France, Australia, Canada, Scandinavia, Talmudic Israel, NATO, etc
    Hell is going to visit us, right where we live.
    Document/Video/Audio: A Declaration Of War By The Eternal God

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