Independent: Saudi Arabia, Qatar Ignite Crisis, Arm Syrian Rebels

The UK-based Independent has learnt that Arab countries; Saudi Arabia and Qatar, are funding and arming the rebel groups in Syria.
In an exclusive report entitled, “Arab states arm rebels as UN talks of Syrian civil war“, The Independent stated on Wednesday, according to a Western diplomat in Ankara, that the rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA) has received weapons from the both said countries into Syria, via Turkey’s intelligence agency (MIT) aid.

The Western diplomat elaborated that the delivery of “light weapons” by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, was a “recent development”, and further noted that some of the arms are coming into the Syrian territories with the knowledge of the Turks.
On this level, the daily quoted an FSA member as saying “The Turkish government helped us to be armed.”
The member further added that the weapons arrived at a Turkish port via ship, and were then driven to the border without interference from Turkish authorities.

Also, the Western diplomat unveiled that Turkey insisted that the Syrian National Council (SNC) vets the arms batch, although the latter has lost the confidence and legitimacy with Syrian activists, after it failed to unite the fractured opposition, the Independent report added.
A Syrian rebel officer revealed that the armed opposition groups have gained total control on a Syrian town with a border gate to Turkey, and that they are preparing for an offensive in the coming days, now that they have received the weapons and communications equipment.

Moreover, the report underscored the silence of Saudi and Qatari officials, despite requests for comment in this regard. It also recalled how at a “Friends of Syria” conference in Tunisia last February, the Saudi delegation walked away from the “diplomatic” proceedings, as it warned that firmer action was needed.
The Independent reminded how during the aforementioned conference, Saudi Foreign Minister, Saudi al-Faisal, dubbed the arming of the Syrian rebels “an excellent idea”; a direct invite for the latest weaponry delivery development.

Source: Moqawama

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