In His Own Words: Obama Says He is a Constitution Violating Dictator

By Kurt Nimmo, for The Intel Hub

Last week we reported on the increasingly dictatorial trend of the Obama administration. Now we feature a video highlighting this disturbing trend in Obama’s own words.

In the video, Obama laments that he cannot rule by authoritative fiat and bypass Congress and the American people. He states that despite laws enacted by Congress and the American people, he will do what he wants – or rather, what his globalist handlers want.

Obama presides over an almost complete overthrow of the Constitution. It is treason manifest, but the establishment media will not point this out and instead make excuses for what amounts to a coup d’etat.

The latest violation of the Constitution came last week when Obama said he will impose by decree amnesty for illegal aliens. Remarkably, few people in Congress complained or protested this abrogation of the Constitution and the laws of the land.

Prior to this, Obama’s chief of staff, David Axlerod, said the Obama administration will call for destroying the First Amendment in order to stifle and criminalize his critics.

In May, Obama threatened to stop sending Medicare payments to old people if the Supreme Court does not rule in his favor on Obamacare, legislation that subverts the very foundation of the Constitution and underscores Obama’s arrogation of power reserved for the people.

He has worked hand-in-glove with the globalists who are determined to undermine and do away with the Constitution. Last week we revealed a leaked document posted on the Public Citizen website that details the Obama administration’s “trade objectives” under the Trans-Pacific Partnership, including a plan to allow transnational corporations to skirt American banking, investment, environmental and labor laws.

It’s Official: Presidency Now a Dictatorship spells out all of Obama’s crimes. Now is the time for a move to not only impeach this president, but put him on trial for high crimes and misdemeanors. Congress – increasingly irrelevant – needs to act before it is too late and it becomes entirely ceremonial.

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