Media Adviser to Syrian President Confirms Corporate Media Fabricating Events In Country

By CorporateMediaEXPOSED

A media adviser to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad recently told Russia Today that the corporate controlled media is fabricating events in Syria to create unrest and stir up anger in order to allow a NATO takeover of the country.

This claim, which was long ago confirmed by many in the alternative media, underlines the fact that the corporate media directly lies to its viewers on a daily basis during their military industrial complex funded reporting.

In an almost laughable article that was ignored on their entire prime time lineup, CNN wrote about the claims as if they are only coming from Russian funded journalists and the Syrian government when in reality a plethora of evidence presented by reporters within the U.S. has confirmed that the corporate media is running fake news broadcasts in regards to the Syrian unrest.

Syria’s government has not only had to contend with terrorists, but also with journalists bent on misrepresenting the news, according to a political and media adviser to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

“Inciting sectarian wars, fabricating facts about what’s happening in our country,” Bouthaina Shaaban told Russia Today, a government-supported television news channel, in an interview on Tuesday. “There are many people who believe what has been put on the news and it affects them very negatively. Unfortunately the media war, throughout history, could be very damaging and very effective.”

It is important to note the fact that third party terrorists are operating and creating the problems in Syria has been long ago confirmed by numerous news outlets, the United Nations, and independent reporters.

One comment on “Media Adviser to Syrian President Confirms Corporate Media Fabricating Events In Country

  1. Waiting for the truth on the Turkish plane. False flag or major misstep by Syria? Turkish news reporting that Syria has apologized, if true, puts to rest the false flag notion. Just when NATO was ready to begin their massive propaganda campaign, Syria may have done their job for them. No doubt Turkey made sure their plane was well within reach of Syria’s anti-aircraft range though.

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