MO of the Manchurian Candidate Obama


State Of The Nation

What are the obvious signs of a Manchurian Candidate?

When a presidential candidate, who is also a sitting president, has committed a serious crime in plain sight, the red flags go up all over playing field.

How so?

Such a President becomes quite vulnerable to political blackmail, extortion and shakedowns which could not occur with one who is squeaky clean. In fact, Barack Obama is so vulnerable because at any moment his world can be turned completely upside down with one well-placed article in the NYT or WashPo, or news story on CNN or MSNBC.

Wasn’t this the main concern about Bill Clinton’s indiscretion with Monica Lewinsky. Love him or hate him, the best thing that ever happened to the Clinton presidency was the outing of his affair. Because he was no longer susceptible to the political strong arming which was coming at him from every direction.

Herein lies the real problem with Barack Obama. Simply put, if everyone truly understood the severity and number of crime(s) that have been committed in the process of posting a fraudulent birth certificate on an official White House website, he would no longer be there, be here, be anywhere. He’d be toast!

With such an albatross hanging around his neck, how can Barack Obama govern according to his own conscience. How could anyone carry out the duties of the highest office in the land without the threat of coercion? Who could possibly be immune from such threats when incontrovertible evidence of serious crimes is sitting in plan sight for everyone to see?

The Tiger Woods affairs are quite instructive in this discussion. Tiger Woods, and virtually everyone in his circle, knew exactly what he was up to with his many female partners. Surely he knew he could be outed at any time. He golfed for years under a public magnifying glass knowing that at any time his professional career could be upended. And upended it was, as was his marriage, endorsement contracts, professional relationships, etc.

Obviously, there is a HUGE difference between the President of the USA and a professional golfer who has only himself and family to be concerned about. This is where it becomes critical to understand the true intentions behind the creation of a Manchurian Candidate (MC). It also becomes even more important to understand the true workings of the MC, as well as those who direct his precisely planned ops.

Presidential Psyop #1

Here’s a recent and ripe example of one of President Obama’s recent operations.

Obama Backs Gay Marriage

When a president makes such a pronouncement in the middle of an election cycle it gets a LOT of attention. And so it has. Because those behind him want to destroy the social fabric of the USA have planned it this way.

Marriage is a sacred institution ordained by God between a man and a woman. Gay couples are certainly able to create their own unions without interference from the state. However, when the state legalizes and blesses such a distortion of natural and scriptural law, we’ve got major problems ahead.

For one, what kind of message are we sending to the children, the young adults and to those who have only understood marriage to be a holy bond between male and female. Regardless of Obama’s personal feelings on this matter, you can be sure that he took this stand to advance a very dubious agenda. This agenda was not conceived by him or his party; it was developed over many years of social engineering for the purpose of sending this nation in a particular direction.

Here’s how the mainstream media spins it to send everyone in the wrong direction. This is certainly a well planned item on the agenda of those who wish to ….

The gay marriage endorsement was all about Hollywood’s money and Obama’s ego

Clearly the most effective way to destroy a society is to destroy the nuclear family. Look at the results of the past 50 plus years of social engineering intent on such destruction. The American family is virtually nonexistent, as are the family dynamics required for the raising of responsible, upright children.

Truly this development has proven to be a social disaster of epic proportions for the USA.

Presidential Psyop #2

When a sitting president proclaims to the world that the most important day of his presidency was the day that he watched the killing of a man who he ordered assassinated, we again have a very serious problem.

Obama: bin Laden raid most important day in White House

We posted the preceding headline because many simply don’t believe a president would ever make such a statement … … … to the entire world.

Gloating over the death of any man is never a good practice, but using such a capital crime to buy votes for a reelection is all the more shocking. It’s important to understand that the individual who Barack Obama claims to have murdered was never indicted or tried for a crime. He was never proven to be the master mind behind 9/11 as the conventional wisdom would have us believe.

What then gives a president the right to murder the man in cold blood while being watched live on video with his Executive Branch team!?

Truly shocking! Actually completely beyond belief, and a sign that the end is truly nigh.

Presidential Psyop #3

Posting a fraudulent birth certificate as proof of citizenship to run for the office of presidency ought to be #1 on this list. Why it isn’t can only be explained by the profound nature of the two previous crimes. One of those is a crime against humanity; the other is a crime against a nation. Both are having, and will continue to have, far-reaching ramifications for the rest of our lifetimes.

President Barack Obama Posted A Fraudulent Birth Certificate On The White House Blog

The preceding article lays out a case against the president in such a way that makes Watergate look like jaywalking. We’re talking about a number of serious felonies which were committed in the process of perpetrating a multi-decade conspiracy to defraud the American people.

How serious is this? So serious that most Republicans don’t want to go anywhere near it because they fear it will truly rip the country apart. In fact, this is the number one reason proffered for not prosecuting Obama for these crimes. Many fear for the Republic. They really wonder and worry what would happen to the very fabric – political, social and economic fabric – of the nation.

Can you imagine a bunch of Democratic leaders sitting around in the early seventies being reluctant to go after Richard Nixon for Watergate. And Nixon probably knew noting of Watergate in advance, only the coverup which he was roped into by those who actually set up the whole scheme designed to bring about his downfall.

In any event, “Houston, we have a problem.” No, we have a HUGE problem, which will not go away any time soon. As a matter of fact, it will only grow larger should he be re-elected to office.

The Ultimate Psyop
Please understand that there is no greater psyop that can be run on the populace than this one. Here you have Democrats bashing Republicans (who deserved to be bashed for their outright hypocrisy on just about every matter that arises during campaign season) on every issue that arises and Republicans stand there utterly mute regarding a crime the president has committed in plain sight.

Obama attempts to stake out the moral high ground on every issue that arises during this election cycle while he has posted compelling evidence of a felony crime on an official White House website?!? The gravity of the crime is so HUGE that everyone is afraid to touch it. Or are they? Why would Republicans not seize this Watergate moment? Are they just waiting for the right moment to break the news on all the stations right before election day. Hardly.

What pray tell is really going on here, except a psyop that is totally controlled by those who operate at a level far above amateur part politics. More importantly, exactly what are they trying to accomplish by running this operation in broad daylight?

A sitting president commits a felony offense in the course of his presidential term, as well as during a campaign to sek re-election?

Remember what “W” Bush did on his way to the White House stealing votes all the way to the top. We’re talking Election Grand Larceny with the collusion of the Supreme Court. What was that all about? Same type psyop, just a different party and different color criminal. In both cases, at least half of the people have been disillusioned with the entire electoral process. It is now perceived by the great majority of American as being fraudulent and contrived. Of course it always was. Only now we ll know it and talk about it.

The purpose of thoroughly undermining our trust and confidence in our political institutions has been accomplished. Where does this go from here?

Stay tuned to a new type of programming!

State of the Nation
June 10, 2012

7 comments on “MO of the Manchurian Candidate Obama

  1. Obama has already released the real birth certificate. In fact, he has released it twice–the short form and the long form–and the facts on them have been repeatedly confirmed by the officials in Hawaii (Republicans and Democrats) and by the birth notices in the Hawaii newspapers, and by the Index Data (a public file showing the birth certificates that are on file that shows one for Obama under 1961). Here is the Index Data:

    Here is the latest of many confirmations:

    Actually, only self-described “experts”–who have not proven their expertise, and who certainly have not shown that they are fair an impartial–have made claims about Obama’s birth certificate being “forged.”. Those are reasons—the lack of proven expertise and impartiality—why Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and the National Review do not believe these “experts.”

    • Good day,

      You are quite WRONG:
      By Winston Court

      You will need a few things:

      1) A copy of the fraudulent birth certificate, directly from the whitehouse website:

      Click to access birth-certificate-long-form.pdf

      1a.) You will also need Adobe Reader to open the web file, and download/save it to your hard drive:

      2) A free trial copy of Adobe Illustrator:
      (this will allow you to open the birth certificate with software which is capable of displaying the layers, accurately, and allowing the fraud to be seen in detail.)

      3) Arpaio’s full video report, to show you a few things to look for. It discusses important evidence of fraud:

      (duplicating the demonstrations, with the tools given above, will allow you to do much of the same investigation Arapio’s team did.)

      4) Tom Harrison’s report on defects/artifacts in birth certificate, proving fraud:

      Click to access 110726whitedots.pdf

      (following Tom’s guide, you will be able to see that that obama’s birth certificate is an ABSOLUTE FRAUD!)

      The web is also full of other inconsistencies and evidence of the fraud, mismatched type imported from other documents, mixed, modern day computer type with 1961 typewriter type, etc.

      There is little doubt that the birth certificate is a fraud (but, hey, if obama can explain the posting of a fraudulent document to the whitehouse website — and how he became so confused as to think it is his birth certificate, I will listen.) And, one must wonder why a criminal is being allowed to remain in the public servant office of president. There are obvious problems with a criminal occupying the office of president, one is the military being unable to follow unlawful orders, since a criminal issuing orders from the whitehouse, and acting as commander in chief would be unlawful, all of his orders would be unlawful, and the military would be unable to act, lawfully, on such orders.

      Also, any and all actions, bill, laws, executive orders, decisions, etc. would be unlawful, illegal, unbinding and without validity — if done by an illegal and criminally treasonous president. As more and more American citizens wake up to these truths, there is only one way to accurately describe the situation we are in, or simply, “WE ARE IN DEEP DUDU!”

      And remember, while Angels may have halos, birth certificates DON’T! (you will learn about this while examing the materials, above.)

      … and here is the real crime … even surpasses the fraudulent obamas’ actions:


    • The only “knew” hole in the matrix in this blog is in the blogger’s head. Comments in support of this “counter-psyops” guy are as pathetically clueless as he wants you to be, clearly encouraging readers to fall for the NSA game at

      The anti-genius Arpaio w/his posse of dolts and loons – there’s a reason they’re unpaid – “caught” the NSA-cobbled “forgery” put out there to catch the truly committed birthers, the ones who will go the next step and then the next step … right into the trap of a Southern Poverty Law Center tail … for rest of your natural life.

      Clever boys. They used a 2-bit Photoshop-substitute they downloaded for free to “expose” what? Themselves. To the Secret Service.

      Plus, anyone demonstrably brain-free who buys this provocateur crap.

      • Dear Mark,

        Sure continue to believe whatever is coming out from the mouth of the all saint Barry Obama. I am sure you believe the Evil Bin Laden was murdered on 05.01.2011 by a Seal Team six by order of The Empty Suit in Chief Barack Hussein.
        Sorry to tell you that the guy already died 10 years ago in Pakistan. And this whole Hollywood ZERO DARK THIRTY is just another PsyOps by the Obama clique to divert the Presstitutes from
        the FORGERY available online at that they call the birth certIficate of Barack ‘Blood on His Hands’ OBAMA.
        nuff said


    You will need a few things:”

    This test, like the writings of the birther “experts” is set up by birther zealots to deliberately mislead. It does not show that the birth certificate is forged. It shows that birthers want to show that it is forged. For example, layers. Layers are normal in PDF. Layers are what you are supposed to have. Halos also are created by the optimization feature of document imaging software.

    The birther self-described “experts” have not shown that they are experts, and they certainly have not shown that they are objective and impartial. So, their claims are simply the claims of people who hate Obama—and that is why Ann Coulter, Glen Beck, Bill O’Reilly and the National Review do not believe them.

    Nathan Goulding, chief technology officer of the National Review magazine, dismissed the matter of “layered components” found in the White House PDF by suggesting “that whoever scanned the birth certificate in Hawaii forgot to turn off the OCR setting on the scanner.” and adding “I’ve confirmed that scanning an image, converting it to a PDF, optimizing that PDF, and then opening it up in Illustrator, does in fact create layers similar to what is seen in the birth certificate PDF. You can try it yourself at home.”


    Dr. Neil Krawetz, an imaging software analysis author and experienced examiner of questioned images, said: “The PDF released by the White House shows no sign of digital manipulation or alterations. I see nothing that appears to be suspicious.”


    Ivan Zatkovich, who has testified in court as a technology expert, and consultant to WorldNetDaily: “All of the modifications to the PDF document that can be identified are consistent with someone enhancing the legibility of the document.”

    In contrast to the claims by birther zealots, three Republican and several Democrat officials in Hawaii have repeatedly confirmed that there is a birth certificate on file for Obama and that it shows that the long-form birth certificate published by the White House is accurate. Their confirmation is further confirmed by the Index Data–a list of the birth certificates on file by year, showing one for Obama in 1961:

    And these confirmations are still further confirmed by the birth notices that appeared in the Health Bureau Statistics section of the newspapers in 1961. As the name implies the notices in the Health Bureau Statistics section only came from the DOH of Hawaii, and at the time the DOH only sent out birth notices for children born in Hawaii.

    The notion of Obama’s mother, late in pregnancy, traveling alone (WND has shown that Obama senior was in Hawaii on August 4, 1961) from Hawaii where there are good hospitals, to Kenya, where there was Yellow Fever and bad hospitals, and doing so without any INS record of her leaving the USA or any record of her arriving in Kenya—is absurd. And the fact that there is a birth certificate showing that she gave birth in Kapiolani Hospital in Honolulu makes it even more absurd.

    • Well is that George Soros’s printed reply for the B.C discussions ?

      The simple fact that the “guy” has spent over $ 2 millions in various Courts around the Country over 3 years in order to avoid to show his B.C. and that he sealed All his personal
      records just after he was sworn Prez should be enough to convince you that he is hiding some Truth about his past.
      The “guy” is a COMPLETE FRAUD.

      Also the FAKE BIN LADEN raid 4 days after he released his FAKE B.C. on the WH website was a good diversion for the Presstitutes to divert the light from the Fake B.C.


      • Re: “The simple fact that the “guy” has spent over $ 2 millions in various Courts around the Country over 3 years in order to avoid to show his B.C. and that he sealed All his personal.”

        The fact that he spent $3 million, and in fact the notion that he spent anything to avoid showing his birth certificate—which he has already shown—is a birther creation not supported by anyone else and laughed at by such Conservative commentators as Ann Coulter and the National Review.

        Since one of Bin Laden’s wives was in the room and was also shot when Bin Laden was killed, and since the Secretary of Defense at the time was a REPUBLICAN who had been appointed by George Bush, it is merely your dream that Bin Laden was not killed. He was killed, and both Al Queda and the Pakistan government have admitted it.

        Do you still think that the Earth is flat and that the bodies of space aliens are stored in Rosewell, NM?

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