“Friends of Syria” meeting immoral, politically wrong says Russia

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich (file photo)

The Russian Foreign Ministry has considered the so-called “Friends of Syria” meeting in Paris as being “politically wrong” and “immoral,” as these “friends” only rely on one part of the conflict in Syria.

“Russia, China and a number of other countries which have traditionally friendly relations with the Syrian Arab Republic and its people have refused to join those ‘friends’ because we believe that the format that they have chosen is not only politically wrong, but also immoral,” Ria Novosti quoted Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich as saying in a statement on Friday.

The statement followed a meeting held over the Syrian unrest in the French capital on Friday. Russia and China boycotted the meeting as one-sided.

Addressing the delegates, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned Moscow and Beijing over their support for Syria, saying they “will pay a price” for their actions. She then urged the participants to put pressure on Russia and China to withdraw their support.

Lukashevich criticized the Paris meeting, saying the US and its allies’ “friendship” with the Syrian opposition could only aggravate the conflicts within the country.
“This would mean only one thing – the continuation of bloodshed and new human tragedies,” he said.

“We have an impression that some of the participants in the Geneva meeting on June 30 this year do not take seriously the responsibility that ensues from the provisions of its final communique,” he added.

The final statement of the Paris meeting demanded the Syrian president to step down, which is in contradiction with an agreement reached last week in Geneva, demanding a transition government in which all sides could participate.

The Russian official also condemned the Friends of Syria group for organizing “politico-propagandist performances in the spirit of party congresses,” where they discuss the fate of Syria, while its representatives were absent.

“Loud calls on oppositionists to launch an uncompromising fight to overthrow the Syrian leadership are being heard,” Lukashevich also said.

The calls were then supported by promises of financial help, along with “behind-the-scenes hints at the possibility of using a military scenario” in Syria, he added.


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