Khaled Abu Saleh, a multitask Syrian hacktivists on western payroll

By MKERone

As you can see in the above video, Khaled Abu Saleh does it all ! A multitask Syrian Hacktivist on western payroll. Zionist controlled western and GCC media introduced him to the brainwashed masses as:

– a CNN & Al Jazeera correspondent, providing “exclusive reports”

– a doctor and a first aid worker

– a peaceful protester & a political activist

– a freedom fighter (I call it terrorism) standing before a pipeline set on fire (this image lets us assume he lighted that fire, or at least that he was happy about it happening)

– a heavily wounded peaceful man, making and “Appeal to the Free World” ! What is this man is calling the “Free World” are western fake democracies, enslaving their own population through debt, and bringing chaos, destruction, and hundreds of thousands of deaths around the globe through illegal and immoral wars, planned starvation, killer vaccins etc…

– And then we find that very same man, talking in the “Friends of Syria Conference” in Paris, on July the 6th

This man must be really busy…

He also spends an important amount of time in staging fake reports and providing MSM with lies. As you will see in the following video. Just wondering who trained who… Khaled trained Danny the Syrian or was it the other way around ?…

What seems incredible and beyond imagination to me, is to have such a fabricated liar, whose lies and fake reports have been exposed many times, appearing at the ENEMIES of Syria conference, presided by French puppetsident François Hollande (do not hesitate to tell him how you feel about him via twitter: @FHollande ), with officials from hundred-ish countries. This clearly means that western & GCC officials absolutely don’t care about the truth, about “human rights” they themselves do not implement, and are just trying to justify the implementation of their evil agenda with lies and deception. Once again. This is yet another proof of how all these corrupt leaders absolutely disrespect their own people by – sorry to say that but that’s how I feel – treating them like they deserve to be: brainwashed sheeples.

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