Mark Zuckerberg Awarded CIA Surveillance Medal

By Soren Dreier, Zen Haven

Well, now it is official. Mark Zuckerberg was not so smart after all, but just fronting for the CIA in one of the biggest Intelligence coups of all times.

But there remains one small problem, the CIA is not supposed to monitor Americans. I guess we will hear more on that soon from the lawyers once the litigation gets cranked up.

Personally I will be more interested in how this is going to effect the stock offering and shares as all Americans should own the entity that has been spying on them.

And then there are the SEC full disclosure regulations and penalties. It’s bonanza time for the lawyers.

Could the loophole the CIA used be that, ‘you aren’t being spied on if you are willingly posting everything a repressive regime would love to have on your Facebook account, with no threats, no family hostages, no dirty movies or photos that could be released?

But enough with the lead in. Let’s take you directly to our source where you can get it straight from the sources mouth, including seeing Zuckerberg getting his award.

One comment on “Mark Zuckerberg Awarded CIA Surveillance Medal

  1. Hey, I read your blog quite often, as you post interesting information to do with Syria, Iran, the Middle East in general and other such things. I’d rather read this blog than watch the news. However, please do not go down the road of using “sources” such as the Onion, which as you should know is clearly satire and not legitimate, quotable, or otherwise. If you’re going to post something like that – make sure its referenced. Otherwise YOU will be the ones spreading disinformation and blurring the already blurred lines of reality.

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