Syria: Newspaper Reveals Truth About The Blast of National Security HQ

Media Sources revealed that the terrorist blast that hit the National Security HQ in Damascus occurred inside the room in which the officials were in.

C4 mini explosives have been attached under the meeting table at the seat of each official.

Al-Qudos Al-Arabi Newspaper said that the c4 explosives were smuggled in via a 30 years college guy; work with the National Security Bureau since years, where he was trust worthy by the late Hisham Ikhtear.

The Newspaper said that the guy has been recruited by Turkish – Jordan Intelligence, where the explosives have been delivered via a mediator works for the outside Opposition.

The Newspaper added the explosives are of an advanced kind which cannot be found but in an advanced intelligence.

They have magnetic chips that can be controlled via wireless device.

The newspaper said that their sources refused to give the name of the recruited guy.

 Source: Breaking News Syria

One comment on “Syria: Newspaper Reveals Truth About The Blast of National Security HQ

  1. Here’s the thing. Syria obviously knows they would commit suicide if they launched an all out attack on the rebels, so they’re forced to pull their punches to a degree. So, knowing this, it’s obvious they cannot win this game, as Russia isn’t able to defeat the US and Israel.
    So, what is Syria hoping to do here? It’s a losing battle.

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