The “Manaf Tlass fake defection” operation

Bashar Al Assad and Manaf Tlass

By MKERone (co-founder of CounterPsyOps)

The defection of Manaf Tlass was widely relayed by western media and depicted as a “hard blow” for the Syrian government. Some even went on to say that this was a major shift in the Syrian crisis and was a sign of the imminent downfall of Bashar Al Assad.

The way he left Syria remains a mystery. Some say he went through Turkey, others confirm he left through Lebanon. Later, we learned that Manaf was in France ( As confirmer by French president François Hollande ). And according to some sources, he was staying at the George V hotel next to the Champs Elysees (owned by Saudi Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal Ben Abdelaziz Saud). Western press then relayed his declaration in which he stated that the Syrian government was hold “the majority of responsability” for the Syrian crisis and called for a transition.

Last thursday (July the 19th) rumors started spreading on the internet that Manaf Tlass was back in Damascus with his father.

Our sources in Lebanon and Syria confirmed the information (and information was also confirmed by many twitter people currently in Damascus) though no official confirmation was made.

According to our sources Manaf Tlass didn’t defect. They say that actually, this was all planned by the Syrian government top level (Bashar Al Assad and a couple of other very loyal officials). Manaf Tlass supposedly left Syria secretly with the help of Hezbollah to later go to France. The goals of this operation were very simple.

First off, this would be a very “hard blow” on Syria’s enemies willing to see Assad fall. Indeed, the move aimed at making them feel over confident and think their plans were working. Which are absolutely not as per latest info received from the ground.

The second but not least, was to have the traitors and/or coward members of the Syrian government and Syrian army (if any) defecting. Indeed, having Manaf Tlass – who was part of Assad’s inner circle – defecting, would make traitors and coward officials think that it was time to cut a deal with western powers and leave. This enabled to “clean” the political and military systems and to know who were the loyal and indefectible ones. And once the traitors and cowards were out of the system, the government could launch a country wide operation to annihilate the terrorist groups (founded, financed, armed and  trained by the NATO/GCC/EU/US/israël) which have been operating in Syria since the beginning of last year.

We can notice that right after Manaf Tlass was (supposedly) back in Damascus, the Syrian government issued a 48 hours deadline to rebels in Damascus and the Syrian Arab Army started its successful cleansing operations in parts of the capital, Damascus, as expected by the Syrian people, which kept calling for the army to have an “Iron Grip” on the city. The Syrian government also announced that the Syrian Army was about to liberate the whole country from terrorist groups.

Whether above informations are confirmed or not, we are very confident on the Syrian government and Army ability to retake the full control of the country and stop the bloodshed.

We also want to salute the brave Syrian people for supporting their government and their army.

2 comments on “The “Manaf Tlass fake defection” operation

  1. Seems like the Regime’s propaganda travels much more easily than anything else, he sister gave a statement to AL Jadeed news that none of this is true and that he never left Paris. But of course it is much more interesting to have a spiced up story…funny how no one has any suspicion about what the regime spreads insistently after he left…..

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