Makdessi: Syria is being accused for using mass destruction weapons

Foreign and Expatriates Ministry spokesman, Dr. Jihad Makdessi, on Monday stressed that Syria will not use any chemical weapons, if they exist, during the internal crisis in Syria.

Speaking at a press conference, Dr. Makdessi added that Syria is facing an external media campaign under claims of the possibility that Damascus is using weapons of mass destruction.

He stressed that any chemical weapons are monitored and guarded by the Syrian Arab Army and will only be used in case of external aggression on Syria.

Makdessi said that the Syrian people is sovereign and the one to decide their county’s future through a national dialogue table, adding that national dialogue results are to be committed to.

“All who take up weapons in the face of the state can’t be responded to except in the same way,” he said, adding that the doors are open to all who call for dialogue.

Source: Breaking news


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