Syria: Qatar about to realease “resounding fall” fake video (image of the movie)

Behind the scenes of the “Resounding Fall” Qatari production

By MKERone (co founder of CounterPsyOps)

Above image has been spreading over the Internet today.

It is allegedly an image from the behind the scenes of the upcoming Qatari production “The Resounding Fall”. Understand, the fake videos and images Qatar has been recording to be then displayed on corrupt mainstream media, relaying the fake fall of the legitimate Syrian Governement.

As we previously advised, reports have been warning the public of a huge Qatari production, Hollywood style (zionist hollywood producer are likely to be involved in this) that costed  the illegitimate “emir” $22 bn, to spread the fake news of the Assad fall.

As usual, we thank you in advance for sharing this information and spreading it wide. Let’s make this news trend (it already started) hence foiling this misinformation attempt.

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