Bulgarian citizens show support for Russia’s stance on Syria

Starting their rally from the Russian Church in down-town Sofia – they were wearing banner such as “Russia – guardian of peace”, “Veto to the aggression”, “No to terrorism”, “Hands off Syria”

Bulgarian citizens and Syrian community urged support for the Russian stance on the Middle East: of non-interference in sovereign countries’ domestic issues. They urged Bulgarian authorities – as members of EU and NATO to urge their allies in those alliances to adhere to the Annan-6-point plan.

“Russia, along with China – are the only powers that may prevent a third word war”, Vasilka told Press TV, waving the Russian flag. A trigger of such war would be a military intervention in Syria – Majed insists, wearing a T-shirt – depicting President Assad.

So, he’s convinced it is foreign-backed rebels who terrorize the Syrian nation. Amir, on his part, insists the Syrian people do not recognize the so called “opposition”, and that some of its members have a “very bad” reputation among citizens. “This can’t go on – any leader who’s not a puppet of the West to be removed from legitimate power”, he says.

So, upon reaching the Russian Cultural Center in the heart of Sofia, protesters read out their declaration.

They handed in this message to Russian envoys, who would deliver it to President Putin. After that, Gechev – a prominent Bulgarian political commentator, told Press TV this is a non-partisan, civic outcry for humanity.

Protesters demanded that authorities don’t allow Bulgaria to be involved in an international conflict.
In the meantime, those authorities – from the Premier and his key ministers to military servicemen and intelligence officers – gathered on a National Security Council with the President.

State officials refuse to share any specific intelligence data, which were discussed on their close-door meeting.

But in the meantime, however, handed in a second declaration to the Bulgarian National Television, chanting “Stop lying to us”. They say main-stream media hide the reality about the Syrian situation and “cater for the interests of oligarchs”.

Source: Press TV




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