Extremist Militants Gathering in Akkar, Aleppo “Mother of Battles”: Newspaper

Syrian daily, al-Watan, reported that extremist militants were gathering in the northern Lebanese region of Akkar and along the northern border with Syria.

The daily said that the militants who hold Arab and foreign nationalities are more than 150, adding that they using RPGs (Rocket-Propelled Grenades) and shooting at Syrian forces at the borders.
Al-Watan said that the bridges of al-Arida and Qimar in the Syrian area of al-Baqiaa, along with villages of Armouta, Mshairfeh, Halat, Idleen would be under attack of those militants.

Meanwhile, the Syrian daily described the military operation in the city of Aleppo as the “mother of the battles”, adding that fierce clashes are taking place between Syrian army and armed groups there.
Militants “are using advanced European and Turkish arms” in bid to control Aleppo and “then announce the city a secured area,” according to the paper.

Al-Watan quoted an Arab diplomat as saying that Turkey has set thousands of militant in readiness for the battle in Aleppo, as it asked the militants of Idlib to take part in Aleppo clashes.
It also said that Ankara was supplying the militants with thermal rockets and anti-aircraft missiles, adding that it sent foreign reporters in order to spread news over the control of the area by the militants in a bid to disconcert the Syrian leadership.

As he considered that Aleppo battle is the last one, the diplomat added that the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan told Syrian opposition figures that his government was fed up by the Syrian refugees especially after the latest clashes, noting that the announcement of secured area in Aleppo could be considered as a solution especially after transferring the refugees to that area, according to the daily.

Al-Watan stressed that Aleppo witnesses a real war, noting that hundreds of militants are falling one after other, adding that the Syrian army was able to cleanse some area closing to Aleppo.

The daily noted that this battle may take some time, “especially that the number of the militants is approximately 12,000, according to western diplomat who said that the majority of these militants is from Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Afghanistan.”

Source: Al Manar




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