Venezuela’s acting ambassador murdered in Nairobi

Venezuela’s acting ambassador to Kenya, Olga Fonseca, has been strangled to death at her official residence in Nairobi.

The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Friday, saying it “expresses its deepest regret at the unfortunate passing of the citizen Olga Arelis Fonseca Gimenez.”

The statement called the killing “deplorable” and “violent” and added, “Fonseca had a brilliant diplomatic career.

She was recognized for her impeccable personal and professional life, and for her services to just causes.

The Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Fonseca reported to the Venezuelan Embassy in Nairobi on July 15 to replace Ambassador Gerardo Carillo-Silva. Officials in Caracas said she also represented Venezuela at UN agencies based in Nairobi and had responsibility for Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda.

Source: Breaking News

One comment on “Venezuela’s acting ambassador murdered in Nairobi

  1. This murder has “Mossad” written all over it. What also needs to be said is that her precedessor on the post was accused with “homosexual assaults” against his house staff. The Venezuelan Government should send their own personnel and body guards with the next Ambassador to Kenya, instead of relying on local staff who can be bought easily. Also it might be a good idea to rent a house in close vicinity to the Russian Embassy.

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