US seeks buffer zone in north Lebanon: Arab Democratic Party spokesman

The spokesperson for the Lebanese Arab Democratic Party says Washington seeks to set up a buffer zone in the northern port city of Tripoli to provide support for the terrorist Free Syrian Army, Press TV reports.

“The United States is trying to establish a buffer zone in Tripoli and we are not allowing it,” Ali Faddah told Press TV on Saturday.

Faddah also censured the visits by US senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman to Lebanon in May.

When Lieberman visited north Lebanon “violence erupted here… When McCain came the clashes erupted again,” Faddah stated.

In May, several people were killed and injured in clashes between supporters of the Damascus government, from the Jabal Mohsen neighborhood of Tripoli, and its opponents, who come from the nearby Bab al-Tibbaneh neighborhood.

John McCain and Joe Lieberman have called for providing weapons for the Syrian opposition.

Faddah also pointed to a recent CIA report which said that north Lebanon is the best environment for creating a buffer zone for the terrorist Free Syrian Army.

On Sunday, fighting between Syrian security forces and foreign-sponsored armed gangs intensified along the Syrian-Lebanese border.

Source: Press TV




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