Nasrallah: Syria rejected to disarm resistance for causes related to pan-Security Strategy

Hezbollah Secretary General, Hassan Nasr Allah, said that what protects Lebanon from any Israeli threat is the existence of a deterring balance with this enemy.

He added that the suitable defensive strategy in Lebanon is the existence of a strong army and a powerful resistance with a mutual coordination.

“Following the victory of Lebanon in 2000 and dismissing the Israeli occupation from south Lebanon, the aim of the US and Israel became disarming the resistance, particularly the arms of Hezbollah,” Nasr Allah said.

He pointed out to several bargaining offers to the resistance to disarm its weapon by the US and others.

Similar bargaining offer was presented to Syria in 2004 before the issuance of No.1559 when one of the Arab rulers told President Bashar al-Assad that if you want to remain in Lebanon, you can do so, but the price will be disarming the weapon of Hezbollah and the Palestinians.

President al-Assad rejected then that offer, for he simply considers the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine part of a pan-Arab Security strategy.

Source: Breaking News




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